• When: 2018-09-06
  • QIC: Rudder
  • The PAX: Cheesesteak, Daddy WarBucks, Gepetto, Waterboy, Vespa, Valdez, Ikea (Respect), Betty Crocker, Ramjack, Pharmateer

It’s You against You…and the clock!


My Pre-Blast promised the Pax no running and no burpees. My main COA: Encouraging those who haven’t post in a while (is there a name for this in the Lexicon?) to return by providing “very modifiable exercises”.


Gloomy: 75 degrees, humid, damp ground (sux because the winke sheet was packed with exercises on your 6).

Since no FNG, abbreviated disclaimer……Let’s hit it!


We “walked” (is walk even in the Lexicon or Exicon??) to the block pile for a coupon of your choice. As long as it was rectangular and constructed of concrete. “Walked” to the circle of pain.

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins (in Cadence) x 10 (it’s actually 20)

Hillbillys x 20*

*By this time Pax curious why 20?

Squats with Blocks x 20

Merkins (IC) x 10


The Thang

Introduction to Sawmill PT

Pax pair up. BTW, Count by 5’s means 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5…..not 5,10,15,20,25 (seriously guys?!?)

For two minutes one Pax1 AMRAP’s Big Boys while Pax2 holds down Pax1 feet. Flip-flop. All note their # of reps.

For two minutes Pax1 AMRAP’s Hand-release (to ensure good form) merkins while Pax2 recovers from BB. Flip-flop. All Pax try to keep their heart from popping. All note their # of rep’s.

PT complete, now everything else is just a good ole beatdown.

Wheelbarrows. Pax1 on their hands, Pax2 holding Pax1 legs. Travel 1 minute, flip-flop an continue in the SAME direction. At the next 1 timer Flip-Flop and return towards start for 1 minute. Flip-flop for the final distance. This provides equal effort for each Pax regardless of distance.

Partner Block Big Boys: PAx 1 on his 6, pax 2 on his 6 “head to toe” with Pax1. Pax1 equipped with block. At signal both do a big boy. At the top of the rep (sitting up) pass block to Pax2. Return to laying position to complete the rep. Initiate rep again and Pax 2 passes block to Pax1. Continue for 1 minute. Then Pax1 jumps to other side of Pax2 to continue reps (this is for muscular symmetry). Recover.

Guantanamo. New exercise to most Pax, yet they still hated it. Mission accomplished.

“Walked” to put away our concrete toys and return to shovel flag. Crap, forgot to post the shovel flag. Did this workout even happen?

Counterama (11) Namerama, COT & Ball of Man.

Prayer request for Pharmateer’s M (Laurie) and for Kim.


I love these guys and their eagerness to quickly observe and verbally judge. They did NOT let me down on that. My repeating timer beeps during Warmerama annoyed them a lot, which was a plus. Our tally’s for the PT were recorded and put securely in the little seat pocket of my truck. I say this in the hopes that someone in the pax will remember where I put it.