• When: 10/7/2014
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: Queenie, EOB, Scothguard, Multiply, Swampy, Plan B, Maury, Diesel, Pony, Magoo, R2D2, Shakespeare, Rust

This Morning Is Going To Suck

“This morning is going to suck.”

If you want to get the anxiety filled, ulcer inducing juices of your PAX going at 0515, start your Q off with that statement.

YHC made this proverbial ‘wind out of the sails’ proclamation to 13 brave PAX this early morning gloom.  It was the same as a punch to the solar plexus after you’ve just won the fight…hearing you’ve got 5 more miles after you just ran 20…hearing someone shout, “USC has won the National Championship!” – only to find out it was the other USC.  With your YHC giving a statement like this before even the COP, the #mumblechatter immediately stops.

This morning was designed to remind us that there are days when things really suck when we’re left to do things on our own.  But with such a tight bond with our brothers – even when the ‘suck’ doesn’t go away – we have someone that will drudge through it with us.  The first half of the workout is OYO with the second half being with a partner – you know, so they can share in the misery.

Conditions: 54 degrees, dark, “I Hate This Already” on the anxiety barometer

Disclaimer.  Definitely need to bring up the disclaimer with an opening statement like that.

The Thang:
Little Arm Circles X 10 (front, then back) IC
Windmill X 10 IC
Through The Tunnel X 10 IC

Mosey to the lower practice field and line up on the goal line.  (It was ironic we could hear the #Depot train in the background – especially with someone mumbling, “Thank God we’re not over at Depot”).

…wait for it…

– 50 Burpees X OYO
– Starting at the goal line, 10 Merkins + 10 LBC X OYO, sprint to the 10 YD line, rinse and repeat (adding 5 reps each time) to the 50 YD line (total = 135 Merkins, 135 LBC’s) X OYO
– Partner up…with your partner starting at the 50 YD line, 35 Iron Crosses + 35 BBS, rinse and repeat (subtracting 5 reps each time) to the goal line (total = 135 IC, 135 BBS’s)
* An extra 20 Merkins for those who finished quick and were able to catch their breath before the others could finish

After a brief moment to catch your breath, line up on the goal line with or without your partner (maybe you’re out of breath and can’t talk, or maybe you want your partner to suffer with you)

…wait for it…

– Burpee Broad Jump X 100 YD (if you were studly enough to get 2 reps inside of 5 yards, that’s still 40 Burpees and 40 Broad Jumps +/-)

Circle up for less than 4-minutes of Mary (that’s all the fun time we had left at this point)
– 4 count BBS with a Russian Twist X 40 OYO (total = 40 BBS, 40 Russian Twists)

Mosey back to the shovel flag

– Total ‘suck’ tally = 90 Burpees (+/- depending on your broad jump length) + 135 Merkins (*155 if you did the extra 20) + 135 LBC +135 Iron Cross + 175 BBS + 40 Broad Jumps (+/- depending on your jump length) or 100YD + 40 Russian Twists – 1 gallon of sweat
– The PAX did an amazing job.  Everyone did EVERY rep.  It never ceases to amaze me how determined everyone is to complete the task – no matter how hard it is.
– Starting off with 50 burpees was definitely a kick in the gut, but the PAX handled it like a champ.
– Burpee Broad Jump was a #crowdpleaser (…oh the wheels are turning in my head now).
– Hey, at least there were no Monkey Humpers.

– Continue to remember Nail Pop, Stones, and Pajanimal in your prayers.
– #Swagger at regular time tomorrow at 0530; #SwaggerXL at 0430 (or earlier depending on your pace) at Ye Olde Blockbuster.  #SwaggerXL = Mt. Walgreens + Lake Murray Dam for 11 miles.  #suckers  oh wait…I’m in that group
– If you missed the Mud Run for whatever reason, right now, write this down on your calendar for April 11, 2015 “Mud Run + Me = Love”.  Do it.  Sign up.  700 PAX goal??
– Go-Ruck friendly workout on Thursday at #Foxhole; Tuesdays at #Depot
– #Foxhole needs Q’s.  Do it.  It’s easy.  The only difference between showing up for the workout and Q-ing is that you get to come up with a bunch of demented stuff and tell everyone what to do.  Sounds fun, right?

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