• When: 10/07/14
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Ranger, Alter Boy, Catfish, Tuff Guy, Soft Tail, Kipper, Matchbox, Garmin

Q with Jello legs = push-a-rama

8 pax arrived for a push-a-rama due to YHC having Jello legs from marathon prep. Celebrity guest Ranger wasn’t complaining.



jog to middle school
circle up
20 x SSH
18 or so x little arm circle (with confusing reverse commands)
15 x merkins
20 x imperial walkers

at benches
10 x dips (with butts touching ground)
10 x decline merkins
9 x dips
9 x decline merkins
(so on and so forth)

partner up
one partner does balls to the wall
other partner does merkins
switch when needed
go till you reach 100

jog back to the park
grab a spot on the curb
10 x incline merkins
10 x uneven merkins
10 x decline merkins
10 x other arm uneven merkins
do it again with only 5 merkins

jog over to the restrooms and grab a spot on the dark wall
3 x people’s chair for various non-timed amounts of time

jog over to the playground
realize that there isn’t really a good way to do pull-ups on the wet equipment

jog over to the picnic tables
alternating step ups (elbow to opposite knee)
box jumps
alternating step ups again
box jumps again

jog back to parking lot and circle up
ring of fire-
everyone planks while first man does 5 merkins, then man to his left does five
then wide armed merkins
then carolina dry docks

some abs-
50 x lbc
25 x russian twist
6 inches “death hang” over the curb until time expires


Good effort. YHC had trouble gauging the difficulty of the workout due to exhaustion from Sunday’s marathon training. It was hard for YHC. Hope everyone got their money’s worth.

Decent crowd today. 8 is a good number for a workout, especially without some of the regulars.


Palmetto 200 is taking hard commits
Governor’s cup is in about a month

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