• When: 8/26/2014
  • QIC: Coppertone and EOB (VQs)
  • The PAX: Pothole, Plan B, Gerrymander, Trix, Pablo, Uncle Rico, Eh!, Magoo, Doolittle, Sloppy Joe, Six Hour (FNG, Jack Boozer), Tricycle, Phone Booth, Slate, Run Flat, JD, C3PO, Neck Brace, Smithers, Crash, Shakespeare, Maury, Silverfish, ScotchGuard, Pony (FNG, Michael Lofton), Multiply, Moonshine, Kumbaya, Roomate, Bogey, Rocket Man, Queenie, Magic Mike, StageCoach, EZ, EOB, Coppertone.

The workout that “Shakes the Southland”

37 pax thought they were in high school again with a VQ “football camp workout” from Coppertone and EOB this morning. Both men kept us entertained while working us to #GetBetter #Better

As a lifelong Gamecock, it killed YHC to put this backblast together for two Tigers. But, hey, it was their VQ and somebody helped me with my first one. So I guess I’m just paying it forward. That’s what F3 is about. Brother helping brother. I’ll just be sure to shower extra-good today so I can rinse off this workout and all of this orange!

Magic Mike had the quote of the day though when he said “I havent’ sweat like this with Clemson in over 5 years!”

Nathan Five

Conditions: 64 degrees at kickoff

Disclaimer and COP

Mosey to field in center of paved track and circle up

High Knees 30 seconds (EOB)
30 “George Rogers” aka Heisman Skater Jumps OYO (Coppertone)
15 Merkins IC (EOB)
Fast Feet/Up-Downs 1 minute (EOB, Coppertone)

EOB with “Conditioning”

gene spurrier

Each PAX grab 2 bricks
Jog to halfway point of track at far end either in the “Touchdown” or “Tote the Rock” position and then
“Touchdown” = carrying with bricks overhead. “Tote the Rock” = carrying bricks like football
Sprint back across field to starting point
Rinse and Repeat x 3
Plank or go back and finish run with the 6

PAX line up in a straight line across the field for Seat Roll drill. (Coppertone/EOB call 3 “right” or “left” rolls)

Mosey to playground

Coppertone steps in with “Strength Training”

Clemson strength

10 pull ups OYO
20 dips OYO
30 Carolina Dry Docks OYO
Rinse and Repeat X 3
Plank waiting on 6

Mosey to lighted parking lot

EOB leads the “Passing drills” #crowdpleaser

Gene QB

Count of 1s and 2s
Each team nominates a person to throw a 10 yard pass at the tires.

o Ring the tire (2 points) = x30 SSH OYO for entire team
o Hit the outside part of the tire (1 point) = x30 Merkins OYO for entire team
o Miss the tire altogether (0 points) = x15 Burpees OYO for entire team
o Throw it over the fence (0 points) = x10 Burpees OYO and 15 Merkins OYO for entire team
Rinse and Repeat x 2 (If team finishes early, plank until other team is finished)

After 3rd cycle, losing team does 20 BBSU
Winning team does squats until every PAX on losing team completes big boy sit ups.
Tie = everyone does 20 BBSU

“Defense” and “Receiving” drills

Gene Beasley

“Down, set, hut”! = Each PAX back peddles for approx. 20 – 30 yards. Throw ball up in air and somebody on the team makes the interception. Once interception is made, all PAX sprint back to starting line. (If interception not made…10 merkins before sprinting back to start line).

Rinse and Repeat x 3.

Gene push

“Down, set, hut”! = Each PAX runs the deep ball route. 20 – 30 yards. Throw ball up in air and somebody on the team makes the catch. Once catch is made, all PAX sprint to other end of parking lot for the touchdown. (If catch not made…10 merkins before sprinting to other end of field).

Rinse and Repeat x 3.

20 Russian Twists IC (Coppertone)
25 Freddie Mercuries IC (EOB)
20 Flutter Kicks IC (Coppertone)
25 Diamond Merkins OYO

All you got back to shovel flag – hit the showers!

COT and Prayer


YHC never knew how hard a 10 yard pass (with no rush and no defenders) could be. Apparently the pax arms were dead though because SEVERAL throws looked reminiscent of Sammy Watkins ill-advised opening-drive pass last year. MANY didn’t even hit the tire at all – much less go through it (Did ANY go through the tire?). We also could’ve used Sammy’s sure hands on the receiving end out there, because several dropped balls led to extra merkins for the pax during the drill.

Jack Boozer > Works at Time Warner > Uverse, 12 to 6….Six Hour
Michael Lofton > Principal at Spring Hill High > Stallions > Pony


– Continue praying for Walker Phillips. Will be moving to a rehab hospital in Atlanta soon. Andy (NailPop) should be back in Columbia by 9/1.
– WALKER STRONG shirts are in. Treadmill (Turning Point AO) has them. Contact him on Twitter to coordinate picking yours up
– Fall Mud Run numbers exceed 600 for F3 Columbia. There is still time to sign up. You can talk to Mungo or find the information on the F3 Nation website.
– Go Ruck signups are still going on so you can get a slot. Go to F3 Nation website for info. This is a tough challenge so do your research before signing up.
– Magoo is chairing the Governor’s Cup half Marathon for F3 Columbia. They are also having an 8K if you don’t want to do the half marathon. Pre-blast is live on F3nation.com
– If you want to Q a workout in the future, please reach out to one of the regular Qs or Mungo for more details. You may want to co-Q with someone that has done it before so you get your feet wet with an experienced Q.
– Crooked 5K Run & Walk August 30 at 8:00 at Crooked Creek Park. http://www.icrc.net/walk-or-run-a-crooked-5k
– Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk September 19 2 & PM http://tunnel2towers.org/event/tunnel-to-towers-5k-run-walk-south-carolina/
– Just a reminder about the other workouts going on (see F3 Nation website for more details):
– Swagger (running) on M/W at 5:30am, meet at the old Blockbuster in Irmo and on Fridays, meet at 5:30am behind the Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd.
– Anchor (Kettle Bell workout) at the Irmo side of the Dam, near the public boat ramp. Bring one Kettle bell, 25 lb or less. Meet at 5:30am on Wednesdays.
– The Bull – Run a hill, run the stairs of a parking garage with Merkins at the top, LBC at the bottom in each of the three stairwells, then back to starting point. Do as many times as possible in 45 min, with or w/o weight belts, ruck, or vests. Mondays at 5:30 Corner of Bull and Blossom.

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