• When: 09/05/14
  • QIC: 
  • The PAX: All pax

The Reaper Awaits

The pax have spoken. After several trial runs from a few of the Graveyard faithful, it’s time to launch The Reaper. Tclaps to those Graveyard men who punished themselves to create this specialty AO. The Reaper is F3LakeMurray’s 12th AO.

Where: RBHS – Park at Graveyard entrance.

When: Every Friday, 5:30am-6:15am. Launch date is Friday, 9/5/14.

What: The Reaper is cruel and punishing but it is also versatile. Each Friday may be different. There will be a point system and pax will be rewarded for how much weight they carry.

Why: This is what the pax wanted so this is what the pax gets.

A wise man once said, “F3 is recess for grown men.” Have fun, Men. #GetBetter #BeBetter

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