• When: 08/26/14
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Snake, Riverdance (was Drano), Lemon, Spirit Fingers, Catfish, Verizon, Estrada, Harp, Julep, Flip Flop, Chinstrap, Sunset, Wedgy, Ginger, Ponzi

It’s always good to know the score before you show up @ the #SnakePit

15 Pax slithered into #SnakePit with full warning that it was football season. YHC took inspiration from WKHS’s score against Fort Mill (49-21) to set the pace for what turned into a smokefest. The introduction of Asian Pushups in the Dealer’s Choice at the end was a personal favorite. TClaps to all the Pax for kicking off a very successful Week 2.

Conditions: 73 degrees, 71% humidity, cool breeze

The Thang:
Disclaimer & Prayer

Mosey to track
49 SSH
21 Merkins (hold plank after until Pax came up w/ WKHS’s next opponent: Wando)
49 IW
21 Flutter Kicks (hold plank after until Pax came up w/ WKHS’s homecoming opponent: Lugoff-Elgin)
49 35 Squats (wanted to save the legs for what was to come)
21 Windmills
Mosey to softball diamond
Start @ home plate
Bearcrawl to 1st base, 10 merkins
Karaoke to 2nd base, 10 big boy situps
Karaoke to 3rd base, 10 mtn climbers
Lunge to home, 10 burpees
Plank til all finish
Rinse & repeat
Mosey to FB Field
10s & 20s (start on 10 yd line, backpedal 10, sprint fwd 20, stop @ goalline)
Sprint 50 yds 20 merkins, sprint 50 yds 20 Carolina Dry docks
Sprint 50 yds 20 LBCs, sprint 50 yds 10 burpees
100 yd sprint
Mosey to stairs near FB field entrance
Stair Suicides (5 flights)
6MOM (Dealer’s choice)
Ginger- Flutter Kicks
Wedgy- Big boy situps
Spirit Fingers- Asain Merkins #CROWDPLEASER
Estrada- Burpees
Wedgy – Merkins 


  • Great work from the Pax this AM. Very solid #mumblechatter, especially for a new group of guys putting up with YHC.
  • Step up & get with Chinstrap & Sunset to schedule your VQ. You guys are ready already!


Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for Walker & family
Malfunction Junction to heal & get better

Praise: Sunset’s daughter’s recovery from psoriasis by removing refined sugar from her diet #fuelchallengeapproved

Formerly Drano (needed a re-name) -> Clog -> Riverdance
Duane -> Works in financial sector -> Ponzi

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