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“The Murph” Hits Shawshank

9 Pax entered the gloom at Shawshank for a Field Goal version of “The Murph”


Conditions: 73 degrees, 85% humidity


The Thang: Disclaimer Prayer


Mosey over to the large Soccer Field with the Trial around it. (Wardens Way).


SSH – 30IC


-Mosey to the First corner. Do 15 BBSU, 25 Merkins, & 25 Squats, in each corner for Two  Laps =   120 BBSU, 200 Merkins, & 200 Squats (total). Finish with any Two Laps equaling a 1.24 total mile run


-Mosey to the End of the Big Soccer Field. Army Crawl to mid field, prisoner Lunge back plank-o-rama

-Prisoner Lunge from Goal to Goal, Karaoke Back

-Brupee Broad Jumps to mid field (1 Broad Jump, 1 Burpee, 2 Broad Jumps, Burpees, etc)



Russia Twist – 15 IC

Boat/Canoe 30 sec

Flutter Kicks – 15 IC

Scissor Kicks – 15 IC

Dying Cockroach – 15IC

Dealers Choice

Malfunction Junction (Release Merkins – 15IC)

Muggy Tape (Imperial Walkers – 20 IC)

Hash & Rice (Dips – 1 min)



– Mud Run is October 4th, have until September 17 to pick team of 4

– Walker Strong Shirts are back!   If you want to get one, contact Muggy Tape.

Prayer Requests;

Bragger mentioned a Student at the River Bluff Football game last night fainted and had to be taken to the Hospital.  Found out that it was dehydration.

Continue to pray for the Walker Phillips Family






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