• When: 2018-04-24
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Money Penny, Fire Daddy, Bud, Splinter

The Mary Mile…well almost. 3/4 anyways

YHC had intended to sign up for today and didn’t realize the empty cell in the spreadsheet until @F3LakeMurray tweeted out The Roost Q was TBD.  That coupled with the ominous forecast for 5am (Monsoon and Lightning) YHC was worried there would be a light crowd.  But 4 pax stiff armed the fartsack and arrived on a beautiful, cool morning with some wind and no rain.

What you missed.

Indian Run to the side entrance to the football stadium.  Circle up for some warm up

  1.  SSH x 20 IC (because that is what we always seem to do first)
  2. TTT x 15 IC
  3. Merkins x 10 IC

Jog into Stadium up to top of visitor bleachers for circuit one.

  1.  Supine pull up x 10
  2. dips x 20
  3. full pull x 10
  4. jump Squats x 10

rinse and repeat 3 x.

Jog to entrance to home side of stadium for circuit Two

  1.  Lunge Walk up home side ramp (harder than YHC anticipated)
  2. jog length of home stands
  3. Shoulder Tap Merkins x 10 at top of steps
  4. Jog across field to visitor steps
  5. Calf Raises x 10
  6. run through mud puddle
  7. Balboa’s x 10 at top of visitors bleachers.

Rinse and repeat 3x.

Indian Run back to the Flag leaving 10 minutes of Mary.

The Mary Mile (or 1200 meters today)

  1. 20 big boy sit ups then run a lap 400 m
  2. 20 Iron crosses then run a lap 400 m
  3. 40 Russian twist/American hammer then run a lap 400 m
  4. gassed.  YHC had to call plank recovery for last minute of allotted time.



great work put in by all day. Everyone congratulate Bud for making the switch to plastic shorts and underwear and away from Cotton.  It seemed to be a life defining moment.

Money Penny made it look easy today…except when doing pull ups.

Not a ton of mumble chatter.  we put in 2.8 miles plus all the other heart rate inducing muscle burning we endured.

Bud could not stop talking about YHC’s watch buzzing on and off…next time show me how to take it off run mode (YHC is #techlazy)

Tclaps for Money Penny running 2 miles prior to the workout.

Boo to Money Penny for not inviting YHC for 2 mile run prior to the workout.

YHC loves it when Firedaddy talks trash.  there was trash talking today.  great way to start a morning.


5/12 F3Lake Murray Convergence.  Please push for EHing this event.

Roost also turns 3 on 5/12

  1. 5/125/1