• When: 2019-08-15
  • QIC: Uncle Rico
  • The PAX: Slate, EZ, Lap Dog, Smithers, A1A, Neckbrace, Phonebooth

The Good Old Grinder

6 Pax (2 Runners) came to GOAT and did work.  YHC had a oldie but solid workout planned.


SSH x 20

TTT x 15

LIttle Arm Circles x 15 both ways

The Thang:

2 groups of 3.  One Pax on sideline of field with block and bricks.  2nd Pax on other sideline with 3rd Pax running in between

Round 1: 300 Curls on one sideline Flutter Kicks on other sideline

Round 2: 300 overhead arm press Iron cross on other sideline

Round 3: 300 Tricep Ext LBCs on other sideline

Round 4: 300 Bench Press Freddie Mercurys on other sideline

Round 5: 200 Curls Flutter Kicks on other sideline

Return Blocks and Bricks


Dealers Choice:

Uncle Rico: Rosalitas

NeckBrace: Flutter Kicks

Lap Dog: Ray Charles

Slate: Russian Twist


Thirsty Thursday San Jose Ballentine at 5:30