• When: 2019-12-31
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Road Rage, Hallmark, Grylls. Toothpick, See Saw, Krusty, Carpool, R2D2, Rudy, Bud, Cheddar, Fire Daddy

The Final Half Pipe of the Decade

A mix of 12 pax from Roost, Speedtrap, and Twilight took on the half pipe on this final morning of 2019.  All pax in attendance had experienced the half pipe before so it was time to throw in a little twist to keep things interesting. Here’s how it went down:


45 and breezy

Tha Thang:

Head to top of the hill to grab block.  Quick warm up.

Explanation of Suicide Hill Half pipe (modified):

Start at the top of Suicide Hill closest to the softball field with 10 reps of block thrusters… leave block behind and run to bottom of hill for 10 monkey humpers…run to opposite top for 10 burpees…return to middle for 10 V ups then back to top nearest softball field. Add 1 rep/exercise each lap…second lap would be 11 of each and so on…rinse & repeat until time is called.

This workout is all about “you vs you.” Push yourself by recording your “score” each month while pushing others to get better at the same time.

One would think that less reps would equal more running but the thrusters and burpees were the great equalizers and took it out of everyone.  3-3.5 miles covered by most pax.

Pax from other AOs: Make it a 2020 goal to join us one day.  Half pipe takes place on the last Tuesday of each month (next one being 1/28)

Announcements and Prayers

Q sheets are wide open for 2020.  Sign up

“After Christmas” Party 1/11

Cottonmouth 2.0 2/29/20.  Go ahead and HC


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