• When: 9/20/14
  • QIC: The Closer
  • The PAX: Cheerwine, Granola, Merkin, Red Rider, Shades of Grey, the Closer

The Closer Comes Through

Posted for THE CLOSER

6 pax posted Turning Point on Saturday to find The Closer waiting for another shutout!

The Conditions: 65 degrees, high humidity, nice breeze.
Mosey to the front of the school for COP:
20 Windmills (IC)
20 LBC (IC)
20 TTL (IC)
Mosey to the two foot concrete wall:
20 box jumps
20 decline merkins
15 box jumps
15 incline merkins
10 box jumps
10 decline merkins
5 box jumps
5 incline merkins
Mosey to the soccer field:
25 big boy sit-ups, sprint to next soccer goal
25 squats, sprint to top of hill
25 merkins, sprint back to starting point
Rinse and repeat, decreasing by 5 each cycle to zero
Mosey to the brick pile, pick up bricks for four corners:
Corner 1: 15 curls for the girls (IC)
Corner 2: 12 tricep extensions (IC)
Corner 3: 12 frankenswings (IC)
Corner 4: 12 shoulder press (IC)
Rinse and repeat once, decreasing by 5 reps
Hill work:
25 flutter kicks, 5 laps up and down the hill
20 toe touches, 5 laps up and down the hill
15 Russian twists, 5 laps up and down the hill
COP with rotating Q:
20 LBC (IC)
20 pelvic thrust (IC)
25 Imperial Walkers (IC)
20 SSH (IC)
15 merkin (IC)
20 arm circles (IC)
After Q’ing an exercise, that person sprinted to the pullup bar for 10 pullups.
-Mud Run 10/4
-GORUCK – still has room for more

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