• When: 09/20/14
  • QIC: DirtBag
  • The PAX: Break1-9, Mungo, Light Bill, Hallpass, Sparky, Major Pain, Toothpick, Snatch, Rafter, Super Trooper, Stirrups, Treadmill, FNG- Howler, Dirtbag

Brick House Bag o’ Tricks

Conditions: 61 degrees, beautiful morning for a workout

14 PAX posted this morning at Speedtrap to show some brick love to Dirtbag for his VQ.  There was much anticipation from YHC as special pax guest Treadmill made his way across the pond after sneaking the shovel flag from under Major Pain’s watch Friday night.  The PAX were a little slow out of the gate due to getting out of the fartsack 30 mintues early this Saturday.  However, this would quickly change due to some weird exercises by YHC.

The Thang:


Mosey to Brick pile, each pax grab two bricks

Mosey to Elementary school field and circle up

Imaginary Jump Rope WB – 21 IC

Hamstring Dead Lift – 20 IC

Heismans (aka the Jameis) WB – 18 IC

Brick Chops WB– 10 IC each side

Backflys WB – 20 IC

Little Arm Circles WB – 10 IC each direction

Mosey to soccer field, Count off 1’s and 2’s

1s-Lunges WB down and back, 2’s lap around field WB, Switch positions1s-Plank Crawls and Brick, 2’s lap around field WB, Switch positionsSuicides across field WB, ¼, ½, ¾, and full, 5 merkins each time back to starting position

Mosey to Playground1’s – Calf raises, 20 each leg, 2’s Reverse Cruches on bench, 25 reps, Switch Positions1’s – Diamond Merkins, 25 reps, 2’s Squat press WB 25 reps, Switch Positions

Mosey back to Brickpile to drop off Bricks

Mosey to baseball field Tabata – 4 exercises, 20 seconds on, 10 second rest b/w each

Three Jump Broad

Jump Split shooters right side/Split Shooters left side

Tuck Jumps

Mosey to Circle for Mary:


Freddie Mercuries, 20 IC

Tricep Side Press, 15 reps each side

Dealer’s Choice:

Toothpick – Russian Twist IC

Stirrups – Boat Canoe

Sparky – Some Plank up/down thing that made YHC tired (hydraulics)

Hall Pass – Hold Squats

Treadmill – Heel Touch

Rafter- Over Head Arm Claps


Welcome to FNG Howler and props to Treadmill for the surprise visit.  Mud Run in Two weeks (10/4), there will be no Saturday workout at Speedtrap that Sat. of Mud Run. Reminder that Sat workouts will be 6:30 moving forward. 

There will be Halloween run at Saluda Shoals on Thursday Oct 30th.

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