• When: 09/20/2014
  • QIC: Donatello
  • The PAX: Chinstrap, Fife, Crutch, Estrada, Blah Blah, Buzz Saw, Gobbler, Ponzi, FNG- Sprint, Verizon, Miranda, Donatello, FNG- Scribble, Tinkle, PAC, Julep, Wedgie, Glory Days

Ninja Power- Hero in a Half Shell

CONDITIONS: 69 degrees

18 PAX including 2 FNG’s arrived at SnakePit assuming they’d be climbing The Stairway of Pain but did not know that the stairs would be part of their climb up the 9 levels of Hades. Each level needed to be completed to survive Donatello’s Inferno. No PAX left the premise without passing the mission. Tclaps to all


Mosey to practice field for COP
SSH x20ic
Torso Twist x20ic (10 each direction)
Little Baby Arm Circles x20ic (10 forward/10 backward)
Imperial Walkers x15ic
Through the Tunnel x15ic
Deep Squats x10ic

Divide into groups of 4 and receive instructions for Climbing the Levels of Hades – 9 different exercises divided into 4 stations

Take a jog and review each station as part of warm-up

10 minutes each station – AMRAP – rotate stations until all four complete

Station 1
• Steep Stairs
• Wall-ball w 20lb medicine ball (15x)
o Can’t do wall-ball then squat press
o Can’t do squat press then standing press

Station 2
• Half Gasser (width of field and back, 100 yards)
• Hand Release Merkin (15x)
• Box Jumps (15x)

Station 3
• Tire Throw Burpees (50 yards)
o Throw tire, burpee, chase tire, throw tire, burpee
• Big Boy Sit-Ups (15x)

Station 4
• Wide Stairs
• Pull-ups (10 or max reps each trip)
o Can’t do pull-up – body row with rings

Mosey back to front of gym

COT: Donatello

Mud Run – 10/4
GoRuck – 11/21

BOM: Donatello

MOLESKIN: Having attended VQ’s at 4 of the last 5 workouts, YHC can only say that things are looking bright for SnakePit. Tclaps to all the PAX who are stepping up in this role. YHC is blessed to be a part of it. #gettingbettertogether

Will Felder…. Son of Verizon….. Sprint
Pedro Merizalde…… works for Columbia Flag as an artist…. Scribble

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