• When: 09/24/2014
  • QIC: Dufresne
  • The PAX: Slate, A1A, Enos, Spook, Dingaling, Loose Screw, BooBoo, Alter Boy, Pothole, Missing De

Swagger: Able To Leap Mt. Walgreens In A Single Bound

Conditions: 58 degrees and misty

The Thang: 22 minutes out and back.  Mt. Walgreens route.  Left onto St. Andrews.  Left onto Lake Murray.  Run like the wind.

Moleskin: If you’ve never joined Swagger for the Mt. Walgreens route, it’s…fun.  Yeah…we’ll go with “fun”.  Oh, who am I kidding, it’s a killer.  Going out makes you feel like you could run forever, but when you come back…oh man.  Go back UP Mt. Walgreens zaps all the energy out of your lungs and legs.  According to RunKeeper, there’s a 511′ change in elevation.  So for a standard 22 minute out and back, here’s some simple math: (time + energy) for the out-route does not equal (time + energy) for the in-route.

– Loose Screw and Dufresne with the Q at Strut tomorrow morning.  Unofficially titled “LooseFresne”
– Swagger XL on Friday.  Tentatively scheduled wheels up at 0445.  Attempting a 9 miler.
– If you’re not running the Mud Run, volunteer.  F3 Nation could really use the help.

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