• When: 09/23/14
  • QIC: Tumbler
  • The PAX: Clipboard, Green Monster, Good Hands, Band Camp, Itchy, Shake and Bake, Fast Casual, Spackle, House, Hopper, Peggy, Taurasi, Ranger, Brokestrong, Floppy Disk, Lt. Dan, Potluck, Hanging Chad, No Help, PYT, Forrest, Shades of Grey, Utah, Rash, Bulldog, Weekend Special, Netflix, Whisper, Tumbler.

Indian Runs and Tabata at Graveyard

Anywhere from 29-33 Pax arrived for the Tuesday edition of Graveyard on a cool, humid morning.
YHC realized expectations for Graveyard were high after last week’s inside tour of the Taj Mahal
(better known as River Bluff High School) with Lt. Dan, the PT test with Brokestrong,
and carrying telephone poles courtesy of PYT! No bells and whistles here, folks. Just a good ole fashioned,non-stop smokefest. There were sprints, burpees,
interval workouts (some say Tabata, Ciabatta…..more on that to come),
and unsuccessful attempts at an Indian Run
before the COP. Yes, a warmup before the warmup!

The Thang:

Indian Run (first warmup) Form 6 lines in the endzone. 1st person in each line sprints
around both goal posts to back of line while other Pax jog. Repeat until everyone has sprinted

COP (second warmup):
SSH x 50 IC
Mtn Climbers x 25 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
LBC’s x 25 IC
Arm Circles IC (15 forward, 15 reverse)

Mosey to End Line

1) Sprints to 10 yard line, back, 20 back, etc., to 50, plank when done
2) 25 burpees oyo
3) 100 yard sprint, plank when done. (Several false starts here…….)
4) 15 merkins IC
5) 100 yard sprint back, plank when done
6) 10 merkins IC
7) Tabata workout in endzone. High Plank to Low Plank. Exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds,
for 4 minutes.
8) 25 Flutter Kicks IC
9) 100 yard sprint, plank
10) 10 merkins IC
11) 100 yard sprint back to endzone, plank
12) Tabata. Russian Twist. 4 minutes, 20 sec exercise, 10 rest.
13) Sprints to 10 yard line, back, 20 back, etc., to 50, plank when done
*Tclaps to Spackle for showing up the young bucks and finishing strong on the last sprint!

-Mud Run October 4th
-New downtown Lexington location for stride on Wed and Fri
-If you havent Q’ed yet, please consider stepping up to lead. Great part of the F3 journey.

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