• When: 09/25/14
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Catfish, Major Pain, Tuff Guy, Alter Boy, Ginger

An extended waterfall of pain @ #Jumanji

5 Pax posted in the misty gloom to endure an extended waterfall of Pain.  Excellent #mumblechatter & lots of good hard work was done in the fleeting 45 minutes of darkness.  Always good to see Major Pain come down from “The North” (aka Speedtrap) to visit the other side of the Saluda.  While I love the Dr. Evil meme in the header, I’m happy & grateful to see guys come out & truly live our disclaimer.  Know your body.  Do what you can do.  There is no place in F3 for belittling others if they’re not able to do every exercise.  I’m grateful to be around men who practice what they preach.

Conditions: 64 degrees, misty & 100% RH

The Thang:
Mosey around track to near storage shed area
Imp. Walkers4Walker 20 IC
Windmill 20 IC
Squats 20 IC
Mtn. Climbers 20 OYO
Lil Arm Circles 10 & 10 IC

Mosey around track, through the woods, over the ‘river’ & to central concession stand area for 1st set of the Waterfall.
18 reps of each
1st set: Squats
2nd set: Merkins & Squats
3rd set: Russian Twist, Merkins & Squats (you get the idea)
4th set: Add Carolina Dry Docks
5th set: Burpees (naturally)

Mosey back out to track & continue around to grassy area near parking lot
2nd Waterfall (12 reps each)
Same as before, only subbing LBC’s for Russian Twist & Mtn. Climbers for Dry Docks

Mosey back on track over wooden bridge up to front of school area
3rd Waterfall (8 reps each)
Same exercises as 2nd Waterfall

Dealers’ Choice Mary
Dying Cockroach
Some dead animal thing Alter Boy concocted #crowdpleaser
V-ups/Heels to Heaven/Something like that
Freddie Mercury’s (Mercuries?…like are there plural of him, or is it his exercise?)

Mosey back to COP & BOM completing a full loop of the track


  • The back-pack thingy.. you may still be able to sign up (GO-Ruck has 4 more spots available).  Contact your AOQ to find out more.
  • Palmetto 200 is coming. Preblast here.
  • Governors Cup Half Marathon  Preblast here.
  • Savannah Half and Full marathon.

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