• When: 09/25/14
  • QIC: Shakespeare
  • The PAX: Sloppy Joe, Silverfish, Knot, RunFlat, Keymaster, JD, Slate, Rabid, Hashbrown, EZ, KwikWay, Vanilla, Bumblebee, Tricycle, Stagecoach, Coppertone, Overruled, Roommate, Franzia, TurboTax, MagicMike, Crash, Shakespeare.

Fact: I’m confused?

24 Pax ventured into the gloom at Depot for a workout meant to focus on explosiveness and creating some muscle confusion. Our muscles get used to doing things the same way resulting in a diminishing returns of sorts on #getbetterbebetter. Sometimes mixing it up a little can jump start those muscles. Oh yes, there would be confusion; some planned, some not.

The thang:

Disclaimer: YHC instructed the pax to ignore any burpee train, there would be no mo‘ burpees today. The pax liked this news. The train never came, but nobody asked what “mo’ ” was short for.


Little arm circles forward/backward X 15 each IC
Windmill X 20 IC
Thru the tunnel X15 IC

During mosey to soccer field:
High knees
April 15 — Grab your toes, keep your legs as straight as possible, take 15 baby steps.

At this time some more astute pax might have guessed their legs were being warmed up for some work.

Count of by 3’s to determine starting position on a 3 station circuit (w/ a bonus station after each circuit):

station 1 at corner of soccer field: 5 explosive/clap merkins, plank until you catch your breath. Catching breath at each station is to allow focus on being explosive and full muscle exertion between stations.
transition from station 1 to station 2: 5 double leg bounds, focus on quickly exploding off the ground, sprint length of sideline to station 2

Station 2: LBCs until you catch your breath, with a minimum of 20.
Transition from station 2 to station 3: 3 single leg bounds (again, quick explosive off the ground), sprint to midfield of opposite sideline. Some unplanned confusion here as some PAX went to some point on some other field. Maybe YHC’s instructions weren’t clear, or maybe the PAX were just dedicated to the theme.

Station 3: 10 Carolina dry docks, plank until you catch your breath.
Transition from station 3 to station 1: 3 single leg bounds with the other leg, sprint to station 1.

After completing each circuit, mosey to the middle of the field and do 5 No Mo(mentum) Burpees (pause for 1 second at beginning of merkin, hand release at bottom of merkin, pause for 1 second at high plank position at end of merkin before finishing burpee)

Rinse and repeat OYO, AMRAP.

Mosey to playground for modified Phonebooth special (we’ve just gotten too used to 7X10):

5 pull ups
10 merkins
5 pull ups
10 werkins
5 pull ups
10 derkins
5 pull ups
10 merkins with one arm forward, one back
5 pull ups
10 merkins with other arm forward, other arm back

Shakespearean 2 burpee or not 2 burpee POP QUIZ time!!!! Exercise inspired by a quote or phrase originally coined by the Bard, PAX try to guess the reference:

Quiz exercise: tunnel of love

Answer: “the naked truth” from the play “love’s labour’s lost”. Reference might only fully make sense if you know the origin story of Depot regular Magic Mike.

Nobody got it, so 2 No Mo’ burpees for everybody.

Back into 3 groups for Rings of fire:
Plank/Squats X5, X10, X15
Plank/Big boy sit ups X5, X10
Plank/Explosive or clap merkins X5

YHC was confused as YHC had not realized YHC had crafted what turned into a Plank-o-rama. Adding to the confusion, at least one ring counted some of their reps in Spanish, French, Chinese and US presidents.

Back to “shovel flag” for announcements and BOM.

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