• When: 09/16/14
  • QIC: Snake
  • The PAX: Bagger, Donatello, Ponzi, Curd, Misty, Runi, Tri Delta (FNG- Todd Brown), Spirit Fingers, Riverdance, Slim Jim, Snake, Farmer, Paddlewhacker, Wedgie, Chinstrap

Surviving a Snake Bite



Thinking that this AO was named after today’s Q, the PAX arrived KNOWING that they will be bitten one way or another. They were right. Snake led them through a beat down that only a Snake master could do.


Mosey to base of corner stairs

Ssh x 20 ic
Im. Walkers x 20 ic
Thru the tunnel x 20 ic
Mountain climbers x 20 ic
Dirty dogs x 20 ic

Mosey to Football field
Count off 1’s and 2’s
1’s suicides 25 and 50 yd line while 2’s merkins amrap
1’s suicides 25 and 50 yd line while 2’s Wide arm Merkins amrap
1’s suicides 25 and 50 yd line while 2’s Carolina Dry Docks amrap
Carolina dry docks
1’s suicides 25 and 50 yd line while 2’s Diamond Merkins amrap

Mosey to brick pile
Curls for the girls
Start at bottom half way up 15 ic
Start half way go up 15 ic
Full curl 15 ic
Tricep extension 20 ic
Shoulder press 20 ic
Rinse and repeat curls

Mosey to batting cage
Dips 15 oyo
Incline merkins 20 oyo
Decline merkins 15 oyo
Rinse and repeat 2 times 5 less reps each time.

Mosey to base of Corner stairs
One stair suicide finish at top.
Mosey to parking lot.

COT: Chinstrap

Walker continues to show signs of improvement
Tunnel 2 Tower- Fri 9/19
Mud Run – 10/4
GoRuck – 11/21

BOM: Misty

MOLESKIN: And yet again a new leader is born. Not sure what it took, but after nearly a year of posting (maybe it was thinking we named the AO after him), Snake accepted the challenge. The only question on YHC’s mind was, “when can we sign you up again”. Great VQ today Snake

Todd Brown…. Was in a fraternity…. Tri Delta

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