• When: 09/18/14
  • QIC: Quarentine
  • The PAX: Pepto, Hoser, Simon Says, Copay, Granola, Quisenberry, Freon, Voltron, Tarzan, Say What!?, Pinot, Lollipop, Blue Screen, Breakfast Club, Ding a Ling, Fracture, Spook, Quarantine

Crypt Pax get “Quarantined” in the African Wilderness

(Posted on the Behalf Quarantine)

18 Pax posted at Crypt this morning for the PT Test and some exercises with an African theme.  YHC rolled onto the scene about 4:55am and was greeted by a jogging Copay who apparently just couldn’t wait until 5:15! With a couple visitors from #Swagger joining the Pax this morning, folks seemed geared up for a great time.

Conditions: 65 Degrees and Hazy

The Thang:

After a quick introduction of myself as a the VQ for the day and a few disclaimers shared, we jumped into the BOM and got right down to business.


  • side straddle hops x 25 IC
  •  little baby arm circles x 15 forward and reverse IC
  •  windmill x 15 IC

Mosey to PT testing zone (Lead by Quisenberry) on the comfy turf

Results are posted here.

After a SOLID PT test of we made our way to the brick wall but on the way began our African story time with a South African Proverb, “Wanna go fast, go alone – wanna go far, go together.” With that in mind, we pressed onward – everybody with a partner.

At the Wall – In honor of the Tonga Tribe of Zambia (who do a lot of jumping during church)
1- Wall sits

2- Jumping wall touches( or calf raises) x25

3- 5 rounds – trading off with your partnerAt the field of dreams – In honor of the Fulani People of Cameroon (Who love eye contact)

At the field of dreams – In honor of the Fulani People of Cameroon (Who love eye contact)
1- Backward/forward suicides (marked at 25 and 50 yds.)

  1. Single Leg Squats (while staring down your sprinting partner)
  2. 3- 3 rounds

Field of Dreams Round Two – In honor of the Kenyan Massi Tribe (famous jumping herdsmen)

1 – 50 yard bear crawls (out and back 25yds)
2 – jump squats – while your partner bear crawls
3 – 2 rounds

After some harassment and lots of cries for mercy from the Pax, I figured it was time for some fun.
At Young Life Camp we play a game where all the kids basically throw a ball, then go get it! Then throw it again, and go get it. So for about 3 minutes we sprinted around the field chasing a glow ball. First one to the ball chucked it in a new direction. Good times!

With just seconds remaining, the Pax circled up for a good rotation of planks – left, right, center, leg lifts and a 30 second superman to finish it off!


Prayer requests:

  • A few unspoken
  • Walker Phillips – preparing to make the transition home.


  • 09/19/2014 – Tunnel to Towers 5K starting at 7:00 p.m.
  • 09/20/14 – Hurricane Hike – FOG & Robber Co-Q. It’s not too late to get on board but contact the Q’s ASAP if you want to participate.
  • 10/04/14 – USMC Mud Run – Crash is the Event Q – Smokey is our F3 Lake Murray Regional Q.
  • 10/09/14 – GoRuck Gear night – Robber is the Q and will have HalfMoon Outfitters in place for some good discounts.
  • 10/18/14 – Romp to the Swamp – Volunteers and registrants needed –Blockhead is your Q and point of contact.


Afterwards I shared one more African story that can only be summarized by saying that our God is a great God who is in pursuit of His people all around the world…and His Word is ALIVE and He hears the cry of His sons and daughters. Be encouraged fellas!
Ezekiel. 34:11-16, Psalms 40:1-4

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