• When: 09/18/14
  • QIC: Major Pain
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Rafter, Zambonie, Holy Water, Super Trooper, Creole, FNG-Red Card (Cole Worthey), Flux, Dirt Bag, Light Bill, Sparky, Hall Pass, FNG-Snatch (Griffin Shell), Rudy, Major Pain

PT Test and a deck of cards

66 degrees, low humidity all together awesome morning for PT

The Thang:


Follow YHC to lower area by baseball field for COP


IW x 20IC

SSH x 20IC

LBCs x 20IC

Mt. Climbers x 20IC

Count of by 1,2 and move to kid pen area for PT Test

Push-ups 2 min AMRAP

1s and then 2s

Sit-ups 2 min AMRAP

1s while 2s hold feet then switch

Double Applesauce to lower baseball field

Line up and pair up on 3rd base foul line

Iron Crosses x 25 OYO 1s then 2s

Move to Goal line of soccer field that was painted on the outfield grass (thanks Hall Pass)

Pull out deck of cards. Face cards equal 10 Burpees, Spades = Merkins, Clubs = Low Plank, Hearts = BB Situps, Diamonds = Flutter Kicks #Crowd Pleaser

Draw a card do the exercise sprint to the opposite goal line and back X 15 min

Move in Double Applesauce back to flag area (Where the flag would have been if it hadn’t fart sacked)

6 min of Mary

Flutter KIcks x 20IC

Rosaletas x 15IC

Seal Jacks x 20IC

Overhead Arm Claps x 37IC (not sure, last number I remember, may have blacked out)


2 FNGS posted this Gloom. Cole Worthey, 19, from Chapin (Red Card) he’s into Soccer, Griffin Shell (Snatch) – prior service Navy, now a repo man for a furniture company

TTT 5k tomorrow, F3 Shovel flags meet at the 9/11 memorial at 6:25 for photo

Tomorrow is the last day to register for the Mud Run

Swagger meets at Dunkin Donuts in Irmo Friday for a run, out and back then 2nd F

New AO, yet to be named at Dutch Fork HS. 0515 – 0600 has launched



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