• When: 09/18/14
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Estrada, Flip Flop, Paddle Wacker, Chinstrap, PAC, Lemon, Donatello, Harp, Riverdance, Snake, Old McDonald (FNG- Will Ramsel) Panty Hose, Rooney

But I Love The Stairs….. Said No One Ever!!!

13 PAX fought the urge to fart-sack this morning and arrived at SnakePit expecting to run stairs, which has become the norm for this AO (this is a good thing). With only a small fraction of the AO being utilized in its first month, YHC wanted to introduce the PAX to some of the other painful attributes of this playground we call SnakePit. So with that being said, YHC regrettably moseyed PAST the Stairs of Pain en-route to the “back 40” of the AO for today’s beat-down. What YHC didn’t realize is that time will run by way to quickly if you just “mosey” to the other side of the AO. Note taken.

CONDITIONS: 67 degrees



Mosey to B-Team practice field. High knees and butt kicks as we crossed the basketball court.

SSH x20 ic
IW x20 ic
TTT x20 ic
WM x20 ic
LBAC x20 ic (10 forward/10 backward)
BBAC x20 ic (10 forward/10 backward)
Hip Circes x20ic (10 each direction)

Circle up for PT Test instructions-
-Partner up with like sized PAX
-1 PAX 2:00 Merkins AMRAP
-1 PAX 2:00 BBSU’s AMRAP

-1 Pair at a time mosey to Pull-Up bars. Pull-Ups :30 AMRAP
-PAX rotate from Pull-UP bars to sideline

Line up on sideline
Prisoner Lunges across field (50 yard)
Broad Jump back across field (50 yard)

Dealers Choice as PAX rotated thru the Pull-Up station
Flutter Kicks (Snake)
Hello Dolly (Snake)
Low Plank Speed Toe Taps (Chinstrap)
Russian Twist (FlipFlop)
(There were more but YHC was to O2 depleted to remember. Tclaps to those PAX who stepped up)

Mosey back to front of gym

PT Test results can be found here

COT: Chinstrap

Walker has a date to return home. 9/30 Pray for this transition
Tunnel 2 Tower- Fri 9/19
Mud Run – 10/4
GoRuck – 11/21

BOM: Chinstrap

MOLESKIN: YHC definitely learned that PT Tests and AO Tours should not be given on the same day. There just isn’t enough time for both. After just 1 month of workouts, the PT results prove that what we do here on a weekly basis is paying off. Great job and effort by the PAX today.

FNG’S: Will Ramsel…. Talked about all the animals he had.. Old McDonald

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