• When: 10/30/2014
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Tricycle, Roommate, Bogey, Keymaster, Coppertone, FNG - TentPole, Swampy, Overruled, Uncle Rico, Knot, Hairnet, Scotchguard, R2D2, Slate, Napalm, Crash, Diesel, Pony, Bumblebee, EZ, HashBrown, JayD, Phonebooth, EOB, A1A, Doublemint, Lead Belly, Magic Mike, Stagecoach

Strength in numbers

29 pax (including Lake Murray Nantan and FNG Tent Pole) made YHC excited to Q again (It’s been awhile). Still can’t believe after a few splits (#Starfish) that Depot pushes 30 on a weekday. That’s the Columbia Model, men. When 10, 20 or more men (formerly strangers) show up in the early mornings for workouts, it tells you there’s some glue to this thing! Keep EH’ing your friends and we’ll see a bigger impact in the community and state than any of us ever imagined! #IronSharpensIron which was the theme of today’s workout. Together we are all better than apart.

CONDITIONS: Nice and cool…actually, perfect



Mosey to upper soccer field for Double Applesauce

LAC 15x IC

Partner up for Iron Sharpens Iron


Partners complete set of 75 as team
Decline Merkins – plank on 6
BBSU – plank on 6

Depot special: Burpee Train #crowdpleaser

Mountain Climbers – plank on 6
Monkey Humpers – plank on 6


P1 trying to catch P2 (20 foot head start) Loser 25 IC exercise while winner overhead arm claps 25 IC. Rotate so P2 tries to catch P1.
Rinse and Repeat for 4 races
Flutter kicks
Iron Cross
Hello Dolly (Man Down! Man Down! Prayers for Magic Mike – Hammy)
Dying Cockroach

Follow me: one lap around field (aka “timekiller”. Turns out when YHC checked Wienke after workout, I realized I completely left out a section of the planned workout which would have gone here)

Mosey to Rip Rap, grab a rock, circle up in parking lot

Curls 25 SC, drop rock, move 2 to right
Rinse and Repeat
Overhead Arm Presses 25 SC, drop rock, move 3 to right
Rinse and Repeat
Tricep Extension 25 SC, drop Rock and move 4 to right
Rinse and Repeat
Chest Press 25 SC, drop rock and move 4 to right
Rinse and Repeat

Raise Roof Merkins
10 overhead arm presses, 1 merkin
9 overhead arm presses, 2 Merkins
Down to 1 and up to 10


YHC asked for pax who had never Q’d before to step in the ring….all passed.

Hello Dolly

YHC again asked for pax who had never Q’d before to step in the ring…all passed…and so we were given a beatdown with the infamous

Phone Booth Flutterkicks 50 IC, varying speeds

Return Rocks and mosey to shovel flag



Always great to have Nantan visit Depot, especially when there are so many great opportunities he could have chose from this morning. F3LakeMurray had 3 VQs in the region. New leaders are emerging. Another benefit of F3 as #IronSharpensIron!

FNG – Mark Woody > Tent Pole (other choices were NSFW and Jessie from Toy Story)


* #TTHH British Bulldog 5:30pm. Group is growing. Come for an hour or whatever you can give. Great 2ndF

* 2ndF F3Columbia lunch downtown in Vista at Chipolte, noon

* Tomorrow, 2nd F F3LakeMurray lunch in Lexington, Salsarita. Some of proceeds go to Nail Pop’s family to help with care for Walker #Walker Strong!

* Alternates for P200. Some men may later have conflicts and need to drop so alternates will have opportunity to join one of four Lake Murray teams running in March.


Prayer Requests: Magic Mike (hamstring pull during workout), Goforth (heart palpatations), Walker Phillips, Austin (local boy with tumor)

Walk with the Wise: The one who walks with the wise will become wise, but a companion of fools will suffer harm. Proverbs 13:20

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