• When: 10/28/14
  • QIC: Hanging Chad
  • The PAX: Lt. Dan, Shades of Grey, Stage Coach, Good Hands, Ray Ban, Band Camp, House, Hopper, Pom Pom, Spackle, Fast Casual, Peggy, Field Goal, Itchy, Shake N Bake, Digger, Tirasui, PYT, Bulldog, No Help, Potluck, Cream Cheese, Weekend Special, Wapner, Netflix, Whisper, Forest, Tumbler, Microchip, Clipboard, Blindside

Blocks & Burpees

33 Graveyard Pax rolled into Graveyard barely able to see because of the heavy fog. A lot of gates were open leaving the pax questioning where we might venture. There was some early mumble chatter because of course Hanging Chad poked the bear in the wake of his VQ. With a quick disclaimer and prayer, the pax were off. Ruckers included (5 or 6 braved the ruck).

Conditions: Heavy Fog

The Thang:

Quick warm up jog to the back of stadium and back to the front.
Circle & partner up for PT test.
2 minutes merkins / 2 minutes big boy situps

Mosey to the brickpile to grab a cinder block (modify if needed, a few grabbed bricks)
Mosey back to the stadium press box.
Plank on your block.
Climb 4 flights of stairs with block to the rooftop and:
10 deep squats
10 curls (for the girls)
10 shoulder presses
Back down to the bottom:
10 deep squats
10 curls (for the girls)
10 shoulder presses
(rinse & repeat for 15 minutes, about 4 laps for most)

Mosey back to block pile
Plank on goal line:
Frog Jump (25 yards)
5 Burpees
Karaoke (25 yards)
5 burpees
Karaoke (25 yards)
5 burpees
Back pedal (25 yards)
5 burpees
100 yard sprint back
Count off by 4s

Tug – O – War Time!
1 vs 4 (4 Wins)
2 vs 3 (3 Wins)
Championship Group 3 Wins!
Consolation … who cares


Reaper- RBHS stadium at 5:30am
Get ready for the GoRuck! M,T,TH,F&S 5:00 RBHS for GoRuck Training
P200 HC opportunities
Governor’s Cup Run (Nov 8)
Go Ruck Simulation (Nov 7)

Prayer Requests:
FDIC torn meniscus, Wiggles hamstring
Blindside’s cousin & family
Walker Phillips

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