• When: 12/16/14
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Voltron, Mad Hatter, Underoos, Blackout, Landslide, Permit, FDIC, Madonna, Thumbs Up, Fracture, Copay, Blindside, Pavarotti, Breakfast Club, Pinot, Detour, Freon, Booster

Sprints, suicides, and suck

18 PAX posted to join Booster for the Crypt workout…because there was no Q for Boneyard, all PAX had to endure what probably ended up being a little more running than usual (especially for Boneyard guys)

Conditions: 38 degrees partly cloudy

The THANG: Disclaimer, BOM for prayer then a snake-type mosey to a random spot in the parking lot for the COP.


  • Side Straddle hops x 14 IC (14 has no significance, YHC planned on going to 15 but accidentally stopped a little bit early and just kept rolling with it)
  • Through the tunnel x 14 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 14 IC
  • Windmill x 14 IC
  • Little baby arm circles x 14 forward and reverse IC
  • Merkins x 14 IC

Mosey to the wall for the following exercises OYO:

  • Decline Merkins x 10
  • Step-ups x 15 each leg
  • Dips x 30
  • Leg Extensions x 15

The PAX then moseyed to the beginning of the wall and split into two groups where they were tasked by YHC to sprint to the cross walk (about 60 yards away) then do 10 merkins and 30 two-footed curb hops, followed by a mosey back down to the starting point and plank. Followed by a rinse and repeat.

Next, the PAX moseyed to the RBHS entrance, where they remained in two groups to perform the following:

  • Suicides: (basketball term for sprints from baseline to foul line and back, then half court and back, etc… until you run to opposite baseline and back). For our version of suicides we used trees.
    • 1st tree: lunge there and back
    • 2nd tree: side shuffles there and back
    • 3rd tree: high knees there and butt kicks back
    • 4th tree: sprints there and back
  • Following the suicide go directly into the following exercises OYO:
    • Merkins x 10
    • Big boy sit ups x 20
    • Mt. climbers x 20
    • LBCs x 20

Rinse and Repeat until the YHC says stop (about 15 minutes)

Finally, the PAX moseyed to thistle field for 6 min of mary, with flutter kicks taking up about 4 of those 6 minutes.





-Friday, December 19th at 6pm- Country Club of Lexington

-GOrun February 7th

YHC was so pumped to do DEVO he failed to ask for prayer requests. My apologies.


Everyone has Christmas to-do lists: gifts, parties, pictures, travel, etc…used Luke 2 as guidance for a Christmas to-do list like the shepherds when Jesus was born:

1) Believe- the angels told them and they didn’t ask why, or have doubts, they believed and went to find the Savior.

2) Obey- The shepherds obeyed, as Christians it is easy to get caught up in the Christmas story, but make it a point to obey the word as well

3) Tell- Share the Christmas story during this Christmas season- don’t just talk about gifts, Santa, etc… that stuff is great, but our Savior being born trumps everything else

4) Experience- Immerse yourself in the Christmas story- reread it in the Bible, explain it to your kids, allow yourself to embrace everything about it.



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