• When: 2018-02-03
  • QIC: Splinter and Splinter
  • The PAX: Clarice, Bud, R2D2, Abacus

Splinter/Splinter Celebrity Q Death Match

conditions: it was chilly. Colder than a witches …you know what.

After a discussion with R2D2 we thought it would be a fun/nightmarish or good/terrible idea to invite the Columbia Splinter over for a Celebrity Q/Death match. When YHC was moving from Charlotte to the Columbia area for a job. Tiger Rag in Area51 informed YHC I would probably have to get a name change if I moved to Columbia and posted with F3. So YHC and the M decided on Chapin/Lake Murray area just to keep the moniker. Thanks to the other Splinter’s graciousness in allowing to happen. YHC digresses, back to the workout. Columbia Splinter’s Qs exist in legendary status. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on perspectives, YHC has garnered a reputation for leading some terrible painful #suckfests as well. The joint Splinter Q was intended to share terrible pain inducing ideas and make the Havoc pax stronger. Mission was accomplished this one sucked.

6:00am Columbia Splinter begins

Lap warmup

5 merkins

5 squats

Every 100m

Spoke x3

W/ 4 burpees at the flag each time at the middle

Chest: 5 clap merkins, 20 merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 bottom burpees

Legs: 20 squats, 20 Jump lunges, 20 Jump squats, 20 mtn climbers

Abs: 20 sit-ups, 20 flutter kicks, 20 iron cross, 20 sky ups


Slow Circuits (slow count on all)

Merkins 10 IC

Merkin holds 10 count

5 merkins oyo

Squats 10 IC

Squat hold 10 count

10 squats oyo

Plank/Merkin Circuit 3min

Slow dive bomber merkins 10

5 clap merkins oyo

Slow count lunges 10 IC

RA Lunges 10 R/L

Slow BB sit-ups 10 IC

6 inch hold slow 10 count

Get blocks

Line up blocks 30yds away

10-5 Countdown Ladder

Bottom Burpees

Block Squat Thrusters

6:40am Handoff to Lake Murray Splinter (YHC)

The thang 2: Grab blocks and mosey to Road by Tennis courts.

Partner up for catch me if you can
1. Partner 1 10 merkins and run tag partner 2 (flapjack)
2.run to end of parking lot and back. about 800 meters

Partners stay together for Hairburners.

1. Partner 1 push plate and try not to puke. Partner 2 perform called excercises.

block thrusters, block swings, flutter kicks


announcements – March 3rd party at Splinter’s house. More info coming.

moleskin –

great workout. shoulders and lungs burning for a solid 45 minutes.

great to have a guest Q. It was decided Havoc will join with BATTLE downtown a couple of times a year for bragging rights.

R2 commented he would have preferred to run 5 miles at the end of the workout rather than do hairburners. Splinter enjoyed them and you are welcome to borrow the plates anytime.

Tclaps to Bud for sticking with the shorts every morning this winter, even when sub freezing temps.

Not sure Clarice knew what he was getting into posting at this particular Havoc

This workout was in Abacus’ wheelhouse – burpees and running.