• When: 12/08/15
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Yellow Cake, Tuff Guy, Candy Stripe, Penny Pincher, Blue Screen, Pepto

Speed Test with Dr. Pain

YHC had never q’d a Monday stride, so YHC felt it was time.  The ankle is healed, and YHC needs some more endurance training.  It’s time to start improving the 5k time, significantly.  No offense, to previous q’s, as YHC always had some left in the tank at the end of a Monday workout.  YHC realized it was YHC who wasn’t pushing hard enough.  Easiest way to fix that is q’ing the work out.  Adrenaline and the pax working out always seems to push YHC harder.  This would be fun.

Conditions: 38F and cool

Disclosure & Opening Prayer

The Thang:

Mozey out of the parking lot towards the tennis courts.  Head towards the Band field.  At the top of the hill divide into teams of 2.  YHC always enjoyed a good game of cops & robbers, so it was time to relive the glory days.  2 complete rounds of cops & robbers of about a 100 yard distance.  There were very short rests between each 1/2 round.  YHC wanted to build up an anaerobic work out to build muscle endurance.  At the end of the game, mozey towards parking lot, but in reverse.  Back peddle until time to turn around.  About 200 yards.  Oh by the way, did YHC mention that hills were also part of the master plan?  (Insert evil laugh)

At the bottom of the parking lot plank it up.  Strong cores leads to faster runners.  Plank-o-rama (center, right arm, center, left arm, center, spider man right leg up, center, spider man left leg up, recover.)  Mozey to first lane of the crypt parking lot.  Karaoke up facing woods, then karaoke down.  Then Wojo up, wojo down.  Then all out sprint to the top.  Recover.

Mozey to cemetary hill and mozey to the bottom.  Bunny hop as far as you can, then skip to the 3rd light pole. This is about 2/3 up cemetary hill, so just over 0.15miles.  Feel the burn of the hill.  YHC’s feet were on fire!  Mozey back to parking lot and drop off gloves. 

YHC had Yellow Cake open the gate for the track, so we had to use it.  No need hurting the sweet little track’s feelings.  It’s amazing how much mumblechatter there was as we headed towards the track.  YHC had even more evil plans. 

Line up on the start and run 100%, yes 100%, effort for as long as possible.  Once you can’t maintain it, yell “done” and backpeddle.  Mozey back to the starting line and then run 2 rounds of never ending relays of about 70 yards.  Mozey to the parking lot.



Christmas party, Go Ruck opportunities and the plan. 

Closing Prayer

Wrap Up:  YHC had a lot of fun today with the pax.  The plan was to run all the areas that YHC dislikes of the RBHS campus.  YHC hopes all of the pax had a good time, and YHC hopes there weren’t any injuries.  Lactic acidosis is sure to make some muscles sore after a repetitive anaerobic work out, so really push the fluids today.  Until next time!

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