• When: 2018-01-11
  • QIC: Smokey
  • The PAX: Lock Box, Hoser, Enos, Rated R, The Don, Neuter, FOB, Bones, Aim High, Sand Dollar, Sharknado, Fiji, Smokey

Smokey’s Burpee Fest and Animal House Movie Quotes


Upper 50’s and overcast, but awesome weather compared to this time last week. 13 pax entered the Gloom of Strut in hopes that we would have the best attendance in F3 Lake Murray, Speedtrap squeaked us out by 1 and then here comes Depot by 9 with 22 pax. Well done Depot! YHC had started planning a WOD based off of quotes from National Lampoons Animal House, but let’s face it I’m not that creative. A great gathering of 7 men for Rockpile led by Sharknado with a session on “Perseverance through suffering.”  Rockpile sure is a great way for the pax to grow in their spirituality and sharpen each other mentally. There was plenty of perseverance through suffering this morning, especially in the burpee department.

The Thang

– Mosey to the closest baseball field and make a lap around the outfield.


Little Baby Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

Through the Tunnel x15 IC

Windmill x15 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

-Mosey to the infield (home plate)

5 Merkins

Duck walk to first base

5 Merkins

Lunge to second base

5 Merkins

Bearcrawl to the third base

5 Merkins

Crabwalk to home plate

Burpee train

– Mosey to Rockpile and choose your rock wisely (all exercises OYO)

5 burpees

15 overhead press

5 burpees

15 curls

5 burpees

15 chest press

5 burpees

15 tricep extensions

5 burpees

15 bent over rows and put up your rocks (this set of exercises definitely had the pax saying “thank you sir may I have another?”)

– Mosey to Snack Shack (this brought up some other quotes such as “that boy is a P.I.G. pig” and “try to guess what I am now, I’m a zit, get it” minus the mashed potatoes of course) All exercises here were OYO

Step Ups x10 per leg

Decline Merkins x10

Dips x10

Incline Merkins x10

Wall sit for 60 seconds

Rinse and Repeat

-Mosey to Pull Up Bars

Pullups x5

Bigboy Sit-ups x15

Iron Cross x15

Chin ups x5

LBC x15

Flutter kicks x15 per leg

Pullups x5

Mary for time (dealer’s choice)

-Mosey back to the Shovel Flag (jailbreak from ballisters to the SF)



– Care package item for Aim High son and other soldiers deployed with him in the sand box (taking items until end of January)

– Growruck and Growschool at end of month January 26-28

– Dam to dam relay sponsored by F3 Lexington

– The Rooster (Happy Trees is contact)