• When: 11/5/14
  • QIC: Treadmill
  • The PAX: Pebbles, Meltdown, Treadmill

Six Rounds of SUCK!

3 faithful pax entered the gloom at #Anchor this morning only to find a substitute Q as Malfunction Junction called YHC in from the bullpen in order to rest his ailing back in preparation for the Go Ruck.

Weather: 48 with a refreshing lake wind



  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Little Arm circles x 15 fwd.
  • OH claps x 15  IC
  • Little Arm circles x 15 back.
  • SloMo Merkins x 10 IC

Six Rounds of Suck

Round 1

  • Around the world x 10 ea way
  • Goblet Squat x 1′ AMRAP
  • Kettlebell Swing x 1′ AMRAP
  • High pulls x 1′ AMRAP

Round 2

  • Around the world x 10 ea way
  • Russian Swings x 1′ AMRAP
  • Shoulder press x 30″ each AMRAP
  • Plank Taps x 30 OYO and plank (high plank/low plank on cue)

Round 3

  • Around the world x 10 ea way
  • 1 arm alt swing x 1′ AMRAP
  • Double Arm Curls x 1′ AMRAP
  • Lateral Side Bends x 30″ each side AMRAP

Round 4

  • Around the world x 10 ea way
  • Chest Press x 30″ each arm AMRAP
  • Big Boy sit-ups with bell at chest x 1′ AMRAP
  • Plank Taps x 30 OYO and plank (high plank/low plank on cue)

Round 5

  • Around the world x 10 ea way
  • Goblet Squats x 1′ AMRAP
  • 2 arm high pull x 1′ AMRAP
  • Overhead tricep ext. x 1′ AMRAP

Round 6

  • Around the world x 10 ea way
  • Swings x 1′ AMRAP
  • Heel raises x 1′ AMRAP
  • Crush Grips x 1′

3 Minutes of low back, leg, and shoulder stretching



  • TClaps to the Pax for their effort, especially Meltdown who is pressing through a nasty hamstring pull, but not letting it beat him.



  • BIRCH Christmas Party December 11th and LEX Christmas Party December 19th
  • Email from Napalm full of news came out yesterday.  Check your inbox.

0 thoughts on “Six Rounds of SUCK!”

  1. Meltdown (@F3Meltdown)

    Thanks for the great Q and thanks for helping work around my one legged KB workout. ps: next Wednesday we need to bring some tums and some beano for Pebbles. 😉

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