• When: 11/01/2014
  • QIC: Flux (VQ)
  • The PAX: Light Bill, Sparky, Church Lady, Weezy, Flux

Rainy Cold Halloween Hangover

5 PAX posted for a cold and wet morning.  The exercises turned into freestyle after we all agreed to stay under the Shelter.

Conditions:  Raining / 40 degrees.

The Thang:

Mosey to Picnic Shelter

  • 25X SSH
  • 25X Through the Tunnel
  • 20X Merkins
  • 25X LBC
  • 20X Plank Jacks
  • 25X Imperial Walkers
  • 15X Little arm circles (forward)
  • 15X Little arm circles (backwards)
  • 15X Little arm circles (overhead)
  • 15X Little arm circles (out in front)
  • 20X Windmill
  • 50X Overhead arm claps
  • 20X Squates
  • 20X Freddie Mercuries
  • 30X Dirty Dogs (15x each leg)
  • 25X Flutter Kicks
  • 10X Decline Merkins
  • 10X Incline Merkins
  • 15X Big Boy Situps
  • 20X Dips
  • 20X Mountain Climbers
  • 25X SSH
  • 30X Step Ups (15x each leg)
  • 20X Shoulder Shrugs with picnic table
  • 10X Pull ups on shelter rafter (did not work out so good)
  • 10X Merkins on elevated picnic table (each pax 10 merkins, with one pax lifting each corner)
  • 10X Leg Raises
  • 7X rotating merkins
  • 102X Air Curls
  • 30X Oblique Crunches (15x each side)
  • 30X Arm Raises
  • Arms straight out to side – Hold
  • Arms straight up – Hold
  • Low Plank, Left side low plank, right side low plank
  • Boat / Canoe
  • Merkins – Don’t Give Up (of course we had to wait on Sparky)

Several above were free style exercises led by various members of the PAX..

Mosey back to Flag.

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