• When: 08/14/14
  • QIC: Queenie
  • The PAX: Outhouse, Magic Mike, PhoneBooth, SloppyJoe, Pothole, Run Flat, Magoo, Slate, Gerrymander, Rust, Shakespeare, NeckBrace, EZ, Swampy, Multiply, Silverfish, Scotch Guard, Roommate, Uncle Rico, Moonshine, Not, EOB, Kumbaya, Plan B, Coppertone, Maury, JD, Plan B, Smithers & Queenie

Queenie’s 52 Cards

The Pax showed up for a cool, reasonably low humidity morning stroll in the park with Queenie.   What the Pax did not realize was the Queenie was turning 52 just like a full deck of cards and he aimed to delivery a punch to the Pax.  The response was less than enthusiastic to start with 52 Imperial Walkers for Walker and 52 SSH.  But what the Pax didn’t know was that they were about to go to Burpee School – how to make the perfect Burpee.    They had to play the hand that was dealt them.  Nice work guys in pushing all the way to the end.

The Thang – August 14, 2014

66 degrees, 80% humidity, clear – nice morning

COP – Parking Lot
Mosey to Soccer Field
Imperial Walker for Walker – IC X 52
SSH – IC X 52
LBC – OYO X 52
How to Build the Perfect Burpee – Partners
Merkins X 100
Plank Jacks X 150
Squat Jumps X 200
Burpees OYO X 52 w/Partners
Mosey to Play Ground w/Partners
Dips – OYO X 52
Ground Touch Squats – OYO X 52
Partner Assisted Pullups – OYO X 52
Mosey to Field w/Partners
Decline Merkins Partners – OYO X52
Squats – OYO X 52
Iron Crosses – OYO X 52
Ring of Fire
Plan Merkins – 5/10/15
Dealers Choice


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