• When: 08/14/14
  • QIC: Stones
  • The PAX: Convoy, The Rock, One Hit Wonder, Loose Screw, Sand Dollar, Peebles, Alter Boy, Dufresne, Smokie, Stones

PT Tune Up and Some More Sux in the Gloom


It’s staying darker longer for the 266 PAX who posted across F3 Lake Murray and F3 Columbia for the Thursday boot, that means the grass is wetter, the stars are out longer, the moon hangs a little brighter and the whole F3 thing is a little crazier. That’s good, real good. The only ones out yelling and laughing and merkin IC 4 Ct are a bunch of men looking for a Sux High – 10 Struters had the Suz High on this glorious gloom and 256 other F3 brothers across the Midlands had it too, that’s good, real good.

And if you haven’t Qed yet, YHC can only ask, “What tha heck ya waitin on bro?”

Can’t wait till Saturday.

Conditions: Cool and Perfect, Not a Cloud in Sky and a Very Bright Moon – And a freshly watered Football Field.

The Thang 081414

Disclaimer: Don’t do anything in this workout that will prevent you from working out later today or tomorrow.


Mosey/Backward/Karaoke/High Step /Backward/Mosey to End Zone

25 SSH, 25 Thur Tunnel, 15 LAC F&R, 15 Merkins

PT Test

PT Tune Up Using 2 Sides/4 Corners of Football Field, Partners
Alternate Exercises at Corners and Sides/Backwards Mosey Between Each Exercise
30 Decline Mercs
30 Big Boy Crunches
Then 25/20
Get PAX 75 Declines/75 Big Boy Crunches
Low Plank for 6 Right Arm/Leg Up & Down; Left Arm/Leg Up & Down, Recover


Ab O Rama of Football Field OYO
Start w 20 Dollies at Goal Line
High Step 10yds/20 Rosalitas
High Step 10yds/20 Dollies
Repeat every 10 yards and end at opposite Goal Line With Dollies
Gets PAX 120 Dollies/100 Rosalitas
Low Plank for 6 Right Arm/Leg Up & Down; Left Arm/Leg Up & Down, Recover


Mosey to Concession Stand for a Sloppy Joe OYO
20 Step Ups
20 Dips
45 Count Peoples Chair
Step Plank for 6 Right Arm/Leg Up & Down; Left Arm/Leg Up & Down, Recover

Mosey to Planter
Walking-Plank One Side of Planter

Indian Relay to Parking Lot

Grab Two Bricks IC 4 Ct
35 Full Arm Curls Thanks to Peebles & Alter Boy for Cadence in Spanish
25 Military Presses

+New AO to begin at White Knoll HS on Aug 19.
+Also a new AO on the other side of the F3 nation (Columbia), it’s called “TheWoodshed”, from growth of the Brickpile.
+Raising Money for Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter Back for School Shopping Needs, give any donations to your AO. Read a back blast about it at: f3nation.com/2014/08/

+Eat at Salsarita’s in Lex and mention F3 and 15% goes to Walker Phillips med bills
+Also, 2nd F on Fridays at Salsarita’s at 11:45. It’s good for you and Walker
+Uno doing a golf outing on Sunday, Sept 14, better email him for more info [email protected]
+Mud Run Oct 4 Signup still going on, f3nation.com/2014/06/11/mudrunfall-2014-registration-is-live
+GoRuck Nov 21 Signup is on-going BUT you will now be on waiting list

+Prayer for Walker Phillips at Noon each day and ofcourse his parents as well, Nail Pop (Andy) and wife, Karie.
+Prayer for Peebles’ sick Grandmother with a lung condition and calcium condition on heart
+Praise for health but praise if we were to lose it today
+Praise from AB that the current slow train didn’t mosey by during Boot Camp and result in untold number of Burpees
+Our devotion centered around the fact that we will suffer because Christ came to suffer and we are Christ-Like and therefore we must suffer. It logical.



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