• When: 08/15/14
  • QIC: Yellow Cake and Kimye
  • The PAX: kendoll, double mint, Pom Pom, Ginger, quisenberry, pajanimal, simon says, Peter, blah blah, FNG- boogie woogie (Blah Blah's 2.0), thumbs up, jay jay, floppy disc, treadmill, meatball, Pepto, blue screen, brother si, FNG- kimye (Derek Gomez), yellow cake, Say What?!

Striders Stomped the Swamp!

Today was a special day for Stride.  Instead of the normal 22 minute out and back out of Lowe’s, the pax were invited to be the first ever to run the Stomp the Swamp 5K route at River Bluff High School.  We have FNG-Kimye (Derek Gomez – RB track and cross country coach) to thank for this opportunity to see the route ahead of time before the 8/23 race.

21 Pax including 2 FNGs came from BIRCH and Lexington to run this challenging race at conversation pace.  Kimye promised that if you run this route regularly you WILL get better on your 5K time.  YHC will keep this in mind for future Stride Speed Editions.

Conditions: 65° and 80% RH … Beautiful!

The Thang:

Mozy to the Swamp (Football field)

Dynamic stretching led by Kimye

Goal to 20 yard line

  • Lunge high kicks
  • butt kicks
  • fancy imperial walkers

The Stomp the Swamp 5K



Kimye led us through this route:  (Probably better just to look at the picture above or better yet follow this link )

Starting line is at the southeast corner of The Swamp.  Head towards the northwest corner and head out the gate.  Turn left on the road and continue on to the trail entrance past the track.  Watch your step on the curb and continue around to Cemetary Hill.  Head up the hill to the second light post half way up… Turn around.  Head back down the hill and turn right on the road back towards the stadium.  Turn right at your next opportunity and head towards the Nature Bridge.  Cross the bridge and turn right on the dirt road along the school.  Turn right again headed towards the top of cemetary Hill.  Get back on the trail and head up and around.  Pass Crypt AO and down the hill. Turn right in the parking lot and follow road around campus to the tennis courts.  Turn left at tennis courts and head back towards the football stadium. Pass the stadium and the baseball field and turn right before the track.  Head out to main road past the track and baseball field and enter Football field at Northeast corner gate.  Tour the football field and end at the 50 yard line… SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!

If you could follow that, you’re ready to run.. but don’t blame me if you get lost. Come next Saturday, just follow the other runners and the high school students directing your path. It will be a fun run!  You will be able to see yourself cross the finish line on the Jumbotron to the cheers of the thousands in the stadium.  Ok, there may be hundreds.

Feedback on the course/COT/BOM


Derek Gomez- Da Coach shared a LOT from his life down to his current position as track and XC coach.  Mr mom, Michael Keaton, batman, iron man (also does triathlons), Jenner, kardashian, Kanye, Welcome Kimye.

Blah Blah 2.0 (didn’t get his real name): likes to wrestle-cauliflower, nature boy, a couple of other wrestler names then boogie woogie


The Pax in attendance were very excited to see what Kimye had in store.  He did not disappoint and neither did the Pax. Strong performance turned in by all.  Since most of us have worked out or run the River Bluff campus, we know what to expect and I expect strong performances next Saturday.

Coach Gomez (AKA Kimye) anticipates a large turnout for the inaugural running of the Stomp the Swamp 5K.  This is a GREAT way for F3 to give back to River Bluff for their generosity to us.  The run is uphill for the first half and downhill and fast the second half.  Bring your biggest smile when crossing the finish line!


  • Next Saturday is the Stomp the Swamp 5K.  It starts promptly at 0800.  There will be a Lexington Convergence at Crypt at 0615.  All the AO Qs are QIC for this convergence.  Then come out and run or cheer on the team.
  • New AO at White Knoll High School launches Tuesday Aug.  19.  Name is TBD once determined by the Pax.
  • Keep praying for Walker!  Surgery to insert feeding tube is today.
  • Governors Cup interest is brewing… Nov 21.  Training runs to begin soon.
  • Goruck custom challenge is coming and 30 more needed.  Has Ken doll EH’d you yet?
  • Mudrun registration is still live.


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