• When: 12/17/14
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Lead Belly, Yellow Cake, Magoo, Malfunction Junction, Pebbles

Power Up!

5 Pax showed in the gloom at #Anchor this Wed. for some KB work that proved to be a lotta tabata. Our resident boot-wearing broke foot made sure we got a good power up during the SSHs.

The Thang

Mosey to the grassy patch. Then mosey to a further grassy patch. Then mosey back to the original grassy patch because the second location was too pine coney.


IW 20 IC
Squat 20 IC
Lil Arm Circles (10 each) IC
Big Arm Circles (10 each) IC
Merkins 15 IC


Around the world // 10 each way
KB swing // 20

Squat // 20
One-arm chest press // 20 each arm

KB Swing // 00:20 on 00:10 rest x 4 minutes
Squat // 00:20 on 00:10 rest x 4 minutes
Deadlift // 00:20 on 00:10 rest x 4 minutes
Calf Raises // 01:00 on 00:10 rest x 5 minutes
Shoulder press // 00:20 on 00:10 rest x 2 minutes
Curl // 00:20 on 00:10 rest x 2 minutes

KB Mary
Russian Twist 20 IC
Flutter kick 20 IC
Hello Dolly 10 IC
Rosa Lita 10 IC
Hold SI
Back stretch
Ab Stretch

Moleskin: Great work and great Mumblechatter (half verbal, half nonverbal). Welcome to KBs Yellow Cake. Hope you enjoyed it! Continue to heal up Lead Belly and Meltdown. See you in the gloom!

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