• When: 12-27-14
  • QIC: Inuit
  • The PAX: Garmin, Alter Boy, Columbo, Inuit

Post Christmas Coupon Extravaganza!

4 Pax arrived at Jumanji for a Post Christmas Coupon Extravaganza!

got coupons

CONDITIONS- 35 degrees



Warmup, Mosey around parking lot, high knees, Mosey, butt kicks, Mosey, backwards, Mosey, Karyoke to light pole in corner of parking lot.


10 Burpies OYO


20 IW IC

15 Thru Tunnel IC


15 squats IC

20 LBCs IC

Mosey to Brick Pile, all PAX gets 2 coupons and Mosey to school drop off area.


20 Dips OYO

Wall Sits (with bricks) 60 sec

20 Dips left leg up OYO

Wall sits (with our coupons) 60 sec

20 Dips right leg up

Wall sits (with coupons) arms out 60 sec

12 incline merkins OYO

Cherry pickers 90 sec

12 Decline Merkins

25 Overhead claps IC

Bear Crawl around parking lot #Crowd pleaser. 1st corner straight, then sideways, then backwards, YHC had to call audible and cut route short! now other side back to sidewalk.

25 Reverse crunches OYO

Mosey to hill by dumpsters with Coupons! These will pay off later. Put bricks down.

5 squat thrust at bottom of hill then bear crawl up and 5 squat thrust at top, bear crawl down

5 IW at bottom, bear crawl up, 5 IW at top, bear crawl down

5 SSH at bottom, bear crawl up, 5 SSH at top, bear crawl down

5 squat at bottom, bear crawl up, 5 squat at top, bear crawl down

Pick up Coupons and mosey to Elvis’ dressing room

double coupons


10 Burpies OYO

20 Curl for girls (with Coupons) IC

10 Overhead press (with Coupons) IC

10 Tricep ext. (with Coupons) IC

10 Goblet squats (with Coupons) IC

Balls to wall (hands on Coupons) 60 sec. Had to cut short because YHC was down wind from Herd and one broke wind!

Wall sits with 10 overhead press (with Coupons) IC

Wall sits with arms straight out (with Coupons)

10 Burpies OYO

Put bricks up (Bear Crawl)

Lung walk across parking lot to Shovel Flag


20 Russian Twist IC

20 LBCs IC

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Dying Cockroach IC

Deathhangs 30 sec

20 Ray Charles IC


BOM – led by Columbo


  • Great work by the HERD today! YHC was sucking wind half way thru!
  • The Coupons will pay off by strengthening our body’s and our minds by pushing through the pain.
  • I’m very great full for the PAX that post here. Thanks for pushing me harder each week. The fellowship is always helpful.


New Years Day Convergence at Graveyard.


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