• When: 08/16/14
  • QIC: Chernobyl
  • The PAX: Queenie (Birthday boy), Mungo, Rafter, Footer, Dirtbag, Devo, Breaker19, Bud, Hallpass, Flux, Implant, Stirrups (War Daddy), Firebreak, Chernobyl

Picnic in the Park

14 faithful men pried their fartsacks off their backs not knowing they were coming to a picnic. Normally, picnics involve good food, relaxation, and laughing with friends, but today it involved doing strange things with concrete blocks and picnic tables. Pretty sure there was some grunting with friends though.

Conditions: 72 degrees, pleasant, and a bit humid.

Welcome/Disclaimer– no FNG’s unfortunately.

The Thang: Mosey to baseball field and circle up for COP.


Walkers for Walker x 30 IC
SSH x 30 IC
Through the tunnel x 20 IC
Squats with 3 count hold at bottom x 20 IC
Canoe Crunch x 20 IC (crowd pleaser)

Indian run to concrete blocks then up the hill to grassy knoll. All exercise with concrete blocks unless otherwise noted:

Deadlifts x 21 IC
Bent over rows x 30 IC
Military press x 21 IC
Curls for Girls x 21 IC
Goblet Squats x 21 IC
Decline Merkins w/3 count hold at bottom x 12 IC (feet on block)
Big Boy Sit-ups (feet in blocks) X 25 IC

Return concrete blocks then Indian run to playground. Partner up.

Group 1: Pull-up x 10 (with help from partner if necessary)
Group 2: Iron cross x 20 (3D)

Indian run to Picnic area number 1

Partner 1: Step ups x 50 (25 each leg)
Partner 2: Merkins x 25 followed by Flutterkicks x 25

Indian run to Picnic area number 2

Partner 1: Squats w/3 count hold at bottom x 11 IC
Partner 2: Incline Merkins w/3 count hold x 11 IC
Rinse and repeat but this time the count was 16 for each IC

Indian run to lower softball field and line up on first base line for “Position Suicides”

Partner 1 does Merkins while Partner 2 runs to position of his choice then tags Partner 2 to go to same position while he does Merkins. Alternate Merkins with Flutterkicks until all infield and outfield positions are completed.

Indian run back to Parking Lot for COT.


T-claps to everyone today! Tough but fun workout, and my first one without a “Weinke”. That being said, there is a decent chance I forgot something. If so, please forgive me. Also, I want to wish Happy Birthday to Queenie and thank him for coming to Speedtrap to hang out with us.


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