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One Cold PT Test

15 PAX braved the cold and frosty conditions this morning for one cold PT test followed by a little action on the tennis courts. It proved to be an exciting workout with a little music in the parking lot from a random vehicle and later some tires sliding on the asphalt out on Old Lexington.

Conditions: 28 degrees and a heavy frost

The Thang:

Mosey to the baseball field for a short warm-up.

SSH X 30

LBC X 20 (man that grass was cold)

TTT X 20

Partner up for our monthly PT test

Mosey to the tennis courts and count off by 3’s (this is where a few PAX began to sing along with the random car ” You don’t have to call me darlin’… darlin'”, we definitely need to keep our day jobs)

Group 1- Sprint across both courts & prisoner’s lunge back

Group 2 – Sprint across next courts & bear crawl back

Group 3 – Sprint across last courts and backwards sprint back

Each group rinse and repeat for 3 minutes, and switch exercises when done until all three circuits are completed

Mosey to brick pile and pick 2 bricks each and meet at top of the hill.

20 overhead press, jog to trash can, 20 curls, mosey up steps, down the next steps, and back to start. Rinse and repeat X 2. (somewhere during this exercise an accident was heard by the pax and Creole volunteered to investigate – everyone involved was OK – not sure about Creole though…)

Mosey back to the flag for a short Mary

Boat Canoooooe was called by Rudy(who would have guessed)


Welcome FNG Andy Ogburn > owns a dive shop and likes to dive > Flipper

Keep a watchful eye for an email with details in the BIRCH Christmas party

Good Luck to the GORUCK participants, especially if it is this cold.

Sleigh Bell Stroll Nov 24, and Sleigh Bell Trot Nov 25. See icrc.net for details.



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