• When: 09/13/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Cream Cheese, Good Answer, Breakfast Club, Hanging Chad, Knowzit, John Boy, Bounced Check, Shank, Floppy Disk, Barry Jenkins (FNG - Dr Dingle), The Crapper, FDIC, Richter, Pick Up, Weekend Special, Netflix, Utah, Little Help, Forest, Rash, Rooney, Snookie, Wiggles, Toe Ring, Bulldog, Fallback, No Help

No Help takes Graveyard PAX on a guided tour of Burpeeville

27 pax including one FNG entered the gloom of the #Graveyard in what seemed to be pure humidity.  YHC had a general idea of what he wanted to accomplish during this Q but didn’t plan it out and just winged it.  YHC needed practice doing proper 6-count burpees and figured there was no better group to practice proper burpees with than the #Graveyard PAX.

Conditions – 73 degree, 98% humidity for the first half and 100% chance of rain and pain the second half

Intro (disclaimer, FNG’s, prayer)

The Thang:

Enter, run across mezzanine and down to field doing one lap around field, then COP

SSH x 20 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
TTT x 20 IC
LAC x 10 IC forward
LAC x 10 IC backward
Merkins x 10 IC
LBCs x 20 IC
Follow YHC out the back of stadium, go to track and line up along sideline

Run to opposite sideline – 5 proper six-count burpees and back to original sideline 5 burpees, plank when finished

Run to opposite sideline – 10 deep squats and back to original side 10 deep squats, plank when finished

Follow YHC to practice field, line up along far endzone (LBC’s IC while waiting for all pax to arrive)

Run to 50ish yd line – 10 flutter kicks IC, go to opposite endzone 5 burpees, back to 50ish yd line 10 flutter kicks IC, and back to original endzone 5 burpees. Plank when finished

Run to 50ish yd line – 10 merkins, go to opposite endzone 5 burpees, back to 50ish yd line 10 merkins, and back to original endzone 5 burpees. Plank when finished.

Follow YHC to the bottom of Cemetary Ridge (PAX had to wait in the pouring down rain as YHC had to run his phone back to his car as it started to rain heavily on the PAX)

Run halfway up hill – 20 LBC’s facing uphill, run to top, 10 burpees. Plank when finished.

Follow YHC to the pain pad

Circle up, LBC’s x 25 IC and in a puddle
Hello Dollys x 20 IC

Follow YHC to end of parking lot by weight room

Frog jump from sidewalk to curb and back, 10 merkins, 10 werkins, 10 cerkins

Follow YHC to bottom of hill by the tennis courts (Plank till all PAX arrive)

Sprint up hill, 10 burpees at the top

Follow YHC to bottom of Cemetary Ridge

Run up to top of Cemetary Ridge 21x merkins and back to the bottom 21x LBCs

Return to COT

Count off, ask if there are any FNG’s (if so explain process), introductions, FNG’s (if applicable), announcements, final prayer- BOM, and devotional

Annoucements – Mud Run, GORUCK, Tough Mudder (Charlotte, end of Oct)

Prayer – Kelly Hallman (stage 4 breast cancer), Breakfast Clubs mother (cancer), Bulldogs uncle (15th skin cancer treatment)

Barry Jenkins – Dr Dingle – Floppy Disks brother, colon/rectal surgeon


Mark 10:45 – Sacrifice

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”

Remember the sacrifices made 13 years ago by all involved with 9/11 incident and all the sacrifices made by those who vowed to serve because of 9/11. Remember why you make the sacrifices you make and know that they are worth while.

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