• When: 11/11/14
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Take-a-Number, Freon, Underoos, Fracture, Turasi, Copay, Pepto, Breakfast club, Madonna, Blue Screen, Voltron, Mac

Moseying with Mac

12 Pax welcomed YHC back to the gloom of Crypt this morning. Well welcomed is a strong word it was more of a ‘Go back home Mac!’ but I know there was love behind it. With a sky full of stars looking over us and the lingering smell of dirty bombs the Pax marched through the gloom for a Veterans day beat down courtesy of YHC.

Weather: Nice and gloomy 50 degrees

The Thang:


Mosey around parking lot

High knees

Butt kicks

Mosey to helipad

COP all IC

Side Straddle Hops x 50
The 50 SSHs were to honor Thumbs Ups 50th (Respect) although the Pax were quick to remind me that he wasn’t there due to injury. However, Thumbs Up has released so much mumblechatter into the air at Crypt that he is always present in some form thus we honored him just the same. Nonetheless, it was fun to hear the big groan let out by the Pax once we eclipsed the 40 mark.

Thru the tunnel x 15

Windmills x 15

Imperial Walkers x 30

LBAC x 10 each way

LBCs x 20 OYO

Squat to calf raise x 10


Mosey to wall

Peoples chair w/ OH claps x 30

Mosey to next lot

Burpees x 10 OYO

Hold plank

LBCs x 20 OYO

Hold 6″

Squats x 30 OYO

Hold air chair
Mosey to next lot

Count off in 4s

Rings of fire

Merkins w/plank x 5, 10, 15

rinse and repeat with…

Squats w/air chair x 5, 10, 15
Rings of fire are always great for 2nd F unless Take-a-Number is in your group then it’s just TMI.


Mosey down the road

4-way curb merkins x10 each way


Mosey to bottom of hill
Scooby and Shaggy drove by in the mystery van on us as we reached the intersection which reminded me to have everyone grab a piece of grass.

Morning wood x 15 right arm OYO
After 15 with the right arm the Pax protested that they do not handle morning wood well with their left hands so we cut it 5 for the left side.


Morning wood x 5 left arm OYO

Hydraulics x 20 IC

Plank-o-rama w/ side dips x 5 IC mixed in
Sprint to the top of the hill

Burpees x 10 OYO

Hold plank
Mosey to Lover’s can’t Leap bridge (you’ll have to ask Pepto) but grab a column first

People’s chair 1:00

arms up, arms out
Mosey to front yard for…

6 minutes of Mary

Big boy situps x 10 IC

Russian twist x 20 IC

Freddy Mercs x 15 IC plus 4 slo-mo

No rest into 6″ x 15 secs x 3

Twisting LBCs x 20 each side OYO
As the clock struck 6 YHC heard a special request for more burpees from a Pax that we won’t name but his initials are Take-a-Number.


Burpees x 3 OYO


BOM – led by Take-a-Number.


  • Great work by the Pax. It is always great to see people progressing and getting better.
  • Always great mumblechatter at Crypt that’s the stuff that make these workouts fun.
  • T-claps to the Pax for making sure I was aware that Stride is on MWF.
  • Prayers for Thumbs Up for his recovery


  • Paddy Packs 5k and Half Dec.6 contact Thumbs Up for F3 discount info
  • Christmas Party Dec.19th

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