• When: 2020-03-10
  • QIC: Lapdog
  • The PAX: Slate, Smithers, Milkman, Lemon, Hairnet, Knot, Hokie Pokie, Clarese, Jazz Hands

Luck of the Draw

10 Pax came to face the hand they dealt themselves and of course burpees.

Devo: Another good one from wireformen.com!

We cannot mature in our faith without community. We just cannot. The process of maturing isn’t simple, isn’t smooth. It’s one of getting off track and getting on again—again and again. We need help with that. We’re designed to be together. We’re built to need one another. To “grow up healthy in God, robust in love” we need community (Ephesians 4:14-16 MSG).

To help, though, our communities must actually be capable of picking us up and getting us on track and encouraging us on. Our communities must be places where we’re willing to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). Speaking that way requires moving beyond simply being polite to one another—and ever ignoring or excusing sin. It also requires moving beyond just pointing out sin or shortcomings or what bothers us or what we think might bother God.

Speaking the truth in love doesn’t require us to call each other out. It requires us to call each other in—into true identity. It requires us to call each other away from sin (e.g., “you don’t need to do that anymore . . .”) and into the identities God had in mind when he designed us, built us, and set us in motion (“. . . because this is who you really are”)


The Thang:

Quick warmup
20 x SSH IC
Burpees OYO 20 seconds
15 x TTT IC
Burpees OYO 15 seconds
10 x Windmills IC
Burpees OYO 10 seconds
5 x Merkins IC
Burpees OYO 5 seconds

Pax moseyed to block pile to grabbed a block and went over to the picnic tables. There waiting was a stack of cards and a speaker. Pax split up into groups of 2 and that’s who they would be playing against In a friendly poker match. Pax must do 15 curls before pulling a card. Once card is pulled, pax did exercise and amount on card. Repeat till you have 5 cards. Once you have 5 you have one chance to discard one card to draw another but the pax must do 20 burpees and what is on new card. Winning hand does 10 burpees, the rest of the pax do 20 burpees. Next round same thing. Tried for a championship round but time was not on our side, so we did the next best thing…30 burpees! Once everyone was done, blocks returned and returned to where the shovel flag is usually but it was terribly neglected and left in one of the Pax’s trunk. Not going to name any names but it rhymes with “bait”.


Speed work at Top Gun at Chapin High @5:15
Frisbee at Riverland Hills Baptist Church @5
Sassafras trip

Lapdog’ mother in-law- possible cancer.. waiting on biopsy.

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