• When: 2017-08-05
  • QIC: Enos, Smokey, Lock Box, Fiji, & The Don
  • The PAX: The Don, Strawberry, Stirrups, Skunky, Mayhem, Tangerine, Dracula, Enos, Boxwine, Crouton, Reload, Mungo, Convoy, Paint Chip, Uno, Nutmeg, Zamboni, Lockbox, A1A, Seesaw, Red Card, Tentpole, Napalm, MIB, Brother Si, Smithers, Fiji, Magoo, Metermaid, Columbo, Loose Screw, Rafter, Scarlet, Shakespeare, Lumberg, Flipper, Neckbrace, Soft Toss, Coppertone, Arears, Stewardess, Phone Booth, Alter Boy, Clarice, Queenie, Wild Blue, Socrates, Dos, Lap Dog, Rehab, Mater, Smokey

Lake Murray Regional Convergence – 4 Years Ago Strut Was Formed

On August 3, 2013, Sway convinced a group of Men in the Irmo/St Andrews area to rise early in the morning while most people are still sleeping and fight off the fart sack to post at a men’s only bootcamp.  What started out as simple “workout” at Seven Oaks Park under the leadership of Sway, Alter Boy, and Naplam eventually became Strut.  The AO starfished into Lake Murray and spawning off Lexington.  Today we celebrated not only the Lake Murray Regional Convergence, but the 4th anniversary of Strut.

52 pax joined many old faces in the fun and some pax who had never visited Strut posted for the first time.  Hopefully the workout challenged all pax and pushed some beyond limits they knew they had.

At 6:15 sharp!  Instructions were given to circle up.  After a brief welcoms by Strut AO Q LockBox, he turned it over to one of the original redwoods and former Nantan Napalm for warm ups on the cheese grater parking lot.

After a brief warm-up by Napalm aka “recovernextthenextexerciseis” the pax counted off by 5 and then followed the Q for each number.

Station 1: Chin up bars

8 Chin ups

8 Pull ups

20 seconds hold 90 degrees on the bar

Squats & lunges while waiting



Station 2: Zig Zag Hill

15 Box Jumps OYO (on planter box at bottom)

Run to the top of the hill via handicap ramp

15 Merkins OYO at the top of the ramp

Run to the bottom of the hill and continue to decrease by one until complete!


Station 3: Hot Dog Stand

25 Decline Merkins

1 lap around the HD stand

1 Minute of high planks

1 lap around the HD stand

25 Peter Parkers

1 lap around the HD stand



Station 4: TRX Bands set-up on the tall fence of the baseball field (backside of where we usually workout at the hot dog stand)!

20 Merkins

20 Lat Rows

20 Tricep Extensions

20 Bicep Curls





Station 5: Football Field

Bearcrawl sideline to sideline

crabwalk back across field

Line up on baseline and run to 25 yard line (first bleachers)

15 Big Boy Sit-ups on 25 yard line

Run to 50 yard line (press box)

15 merkins on 50 yard line

Run to 75 yard line (second bleachers)

15 LBCs on 75 yard line

Run to Endzone

Rinse and Repeat to the other side of the field if time allows


Station 6: The Streaper:

20 Squats at the bottom

Run to top

10 Burpees

Run to bottom

15 Squats

Run to top

15 Burpees

Run to bottom

10 Squats

Run to top

20 Burpees

Run to Bottom


Can’t wait for the next year!