• When: 10/23/14
  • QIC: Tuff Guy
  • The PAX: Alter Boy(GoRuck), Kipper, Catfish, Ginger, Columbo

Lake Murray AO Wins football game vs Columbia AO 21-14

Game held at Jumanji Stadium

Conditions: 46 degrees and little cool

The Thang:

Pax run around parking lot to warm up until Q arrives.

Q arrives, joins Pax and circle up.

SSH x 21
Thru the Tunnel x 14
Imperial Walkers x 14
Heisman x 7
Little Arm Circles ( 7 forward, 7 backwards)
3 pt Stance (left arm down, jump up, right arm down) x 7
Field Goal Lunges (Arms Straight Up) x 7 each leg
We celebrated touchdown with Overhead Claps x 21
Followed up by Gator Chomps

Mosey to center of AO for Kickoff

First and Second Quarters

Q started with football. Pulled “play” out of helmet.

Play was called with exercise that went along with it.

After exercise was performed, ball was handed off or passed to another pax who would pull out next play.

Plays varied as follows:

Onside Kick 5 Burpees
Fumble 20 Mtn climbers
Personal Foul 10 Lunges
Lake Murray AO Touchdown(Home)
25 SSH
Columbia AO Touchdown(Visitor)
10 Diamond Merkins
Delay of Game 15 Supermans
1st Down 20 Freddy Mercury’s
2nd Down 5 Jungle Boy Squats
3rd Down 20 calf raises
4th Down 10 Big Boy Situps
4th Down Conversion 30 sec Faux Jump Rope
Reverse 5 Single leg squat (each leg)
Kick off 30 sec running in place(as fast as you can)
10 Yard Penalty 20 high knees
15 Yard Penalty 15 Mtn Climbers
Timeout 25 squats
Kick Returned for TD 60 sec wall sit
Fans Rushing the Field Bear Crawl
Pass for 20+ yards 10 wide Merkins
Interception 10 Burpees
Wardrobe Malfunction 1-12 count Burpee
Sack 60 sec plank

Halftime Entertainment was Monkey Jumps for 40 yards out, then 40 yards back.

Third Quarter resumed with continuance of pulling plays

Fourth Quarter was a visit with Mary
Bench V Sit-up off of Sidewalk x 14
Six Inches with legs hanging off sidewalk
Hello Dolly
Flutter Kicks for the Final Touchdown drive as time expired!!

Lake Murray Wins! Lake Murray Wins!

Written by Tuff Guy. Posted by the Slack AB 5 days later. Pathetic.

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