• When: 2020-08-11
  • QIC: Lapdog
  • The PAX: Day Late, Neckbrace, Smithers, Clarese, Milkman(Respect), Slate, Uncle Rico, Lemon

Ladders and Bears

9 Pax gathered to welcome YHC back from his battle with Hurricane Iseis and overpopulated beaches. Yes, YHC showed up a minute late but he was ready and sprung right to action.

Conditions- not the worst of mornings


SSH x 20
TTT x 10
Windmills x 10
LAC x 20 (10 forward/10 back)
No burpees

The Thang

So I didn’t get the mileage needed for my training before BC (granted it was only a mile) so to ensure training plans were followed, I decided to force some pax in some good ole cardio.
Pax would mosey together around Spring Hill High School and Cate Center where Pax began to climb the burpee ladder (Inspired by the great Tuber’s speed bumps). Every tenth of a mile, Pax would stop for burpees starting at 1 and then doing 2 at the next tenth until 10 burpees / 1 mile

Wasn’t sure on time when coming up with this workout so Pax would attempt a quarter mile bear crawl with stops in between to work on some six packs and not the one you’re hoping for…

1st stop- 30 2 count American Hammers, 30 LBC’s
2nd stop- 30 2 count flutter kicks, 30 LBC’s
3rd stop- 30 Peter Parkers, 30 LBC’s
4th stop- 30 Iron Crosses, 30 LBC’s
5th stop – 30 2 count American Hammers, 30 LBC’s
6th stop – 30 of something, 30 LBC’s (only planned for 4 stops but more were made)

1/4 mile bear crawl achieved, nice work men!

Mumble chatter was great this morning. Had some questionable bear puns during the bear crawl and even got Uncle Rico to remind the Pax that their are run groups.


Iron Pax Challenge in September – SIGN UP
New start time For GOAT at 5:30 beginning on 9/1.
Wednesday/Friday Run Group at 6 meets at CATE
Billy on Thursday at 5:30

Starkist -back sprain
Clarese- Transition to new job in Augusta and 2.0 who is going through “Hell Week” (Good luck)
Lapdog’s MIL/Family- has now been moved to hospice at home. And I would like to give #tclaps to the Men of GOAT and really all of F3LakeMurray for the love and the support and help offered to our family in these difficult times. Many times, I feel like I should be the one doing what I can to take the burden off my family which can sometimes be too heavy but pride and ego usually prevents the call for help. So it means a lot to have brothers who are willing to help in any facet to help through trying times and I know they mean it. So like our brother Arrears would say, Muchos Gracias!!

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