• When: 10/16/14
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Ginger, Columbo(War-Daddy), Ramblin' Wreck, Tuff Guy, Kipper, Catfish, Mac

Jumanji the Game

As I arrived to the gloom of Jumanji this morning, I pulled into an empty parking lot and thought that the rain had kept everyone away. Little did I know, the Pax of Jumanji are animals of a different breed and six additional Pax arrived by car and foot before the dice started rolling for a game of Jumanji.

Weather: 61 with a mild pre-workout drizzle

The Thang:


“Not this guy again said the Pax, we should know better than follow Mac!”


Let’s Mosey!!!!!

Mosey around lot
Butt kicks (your own please)
High Knees


“Warming up is not too hard, I’ll get the Pax to drop their guard!”


COP – All IC

Side Shuttle Hop x 25
Windmills x 15
Thru The Tunnels x 15
Imperial Walkers x 30
Lil Baby Arm Circles x 10 ew


Mosey to Picnic Tables

“Picnic Tables? Oh what fun!…OMG are we done?”

Step ups x 10 each leg OYO
Dips x 10 IC
Incline Merkins x10 IC
Dips x 10 IC
Side step up x 10 each leg OYO
Dips x 10 IC
Decline Merkins x 10 OYO
Dips x 10 IC


Mosey to end of parking lot and pick a curb

“This guy must be smoking herb, now he wants us to pick a curb!”

4 way Merkins on curb
Incline, decline, offset L, offset R
5 reps each
Sprint to hump and back
6 reps….
Repeato increasing reps
10 mins or a really long 5 mins, can’t remember my arms were mad at me


“Every month at the quarter moon, there’ll be a monsoon, in your lagoon.”

Mosey to Swampy corner


Actual picture of the swampy corner


Form two lines.
Plank head to foot in a line
Bear crawl Indian Plank to end of swamp
Or until someone drowns

Mosey across street to drier ground

“Circle up and lets get started, was that Ginger that just farted?”

Morning Wood x 10 each side
Plank – o – rama with side dips x10 on each side
Burpees x 5
Hydraulics x 20 (Crowd Pleaser!)


Mosey to middle of lot and pick a new curb

“Another curb? I must be dumb, now Mac’s making my legs feel numb!”



Fast step-ups on curb x 25 OYO
Calf raises on curb x 10 OYO
Fast step-ups on curb x 25 OYO
Squats x 10 OYO
Fast step-ups on curb x 25 OYO
Alternating Lunges x 10 each side OYO
Fast step-ups on curb x 25 OYO

“Hurry, Hurry, we’re almost done! Time to work them abs son!”


Mosey to grassy area
Russian twist x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20
LBC x 20
Freddy Mercurys x 20



  • As always, great work by the men of Jumanji. #getbetter #bebetter
  • T-claps to Ginger and Catfish for running from home this morning…in the rain.
  • This was my first Weinkeless Q and honestly I had to wing the last of it #underplanned
  • I still haven’t decided what I like better, coming up with beatdowns or writing backblasts. (No, I won’t write your backblast for you)


  • Sumter Expansion: F3 Lake Murray region has been asked to help with the expansion over the next few weeks. If you are able to make it to Sumter one of the next few Saturday mornings please come help F3 Expansion plant the seed in Sumter. We may be able to do some carpooling from the Lake Murray area. HC on twitter and we can figure it out.
  • Gators vs. Wildcats Tailgate – Pre-blast is here. We would like to have a big F3 showing to advertise and to show support to our local teams. Bonus: Opportunity to break the world record at half time for most people doing push ups at once. More info of world record here Need to HC Blindside today with head counts if you plan on going!!!
  • Patty Packs 5K/Half Marathon is Dec. 6th as well as the Run Rudolph Run trail races at Harbison State Forest.
  • Palmetto 200 is coming up in March. Mungo is taking HCs for the Lake Murray region teams. I think we have two teams of 12 already.


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