• When: 10/16/14
  • QIC: Take-A-Number
  • The PAX: Wet Spot, Tridell, Roonie, Donatello, Wedgie, Chinstrap, Bagger

Copy & Paste

Conditions: 60 and raining on arrival. (Just enough to make everything wet)

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and you may see merlot.

So this morning started off all wrong for YHC. Home late from the fair. Up all night unable to sleep. Terrible food choices the night before. Lack of coffee. You name it and it was stacked against YHC this morning. The area was dark (I remember lights), gates were locked, and it was raining. Everything was stacked against my plans for the morning. That’s okay because when it comes to F3 YHC can take pride in leading other men off into the gloom to increase our physical fitness. Either there is something wrong with YHC or something wrong with the PAX. Showing up somewhere at 0530 to follow a stranger into the dark of which you haven’t met before either shows a lot of trust in the F3 brotherhood or a serious lack of judgement on the PAX part. Nevertheless, we did it anyways.



The Thang:

First exercise is to find the key to the gate!!! Thanks to MAC and the local PAX we were able to gain entry to the grounds. The PAX were very curious about my balls and what we would use them for today. All things in due time my friends….

First things first, we have to mosey. YHC believes as he took off on his leisurely stroll he heard yells of, “you don’t have to go that fast!” or something of the like. This lets me know that YHC is off to a good start.

Mosey to the Basketball Courts out back…


Side straddle HOP x 20 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Little Arm Circles x 30 IC forward

Keep your arms up!!….uh oh, someone put their arms down…..

Little Arm Circles x 20 IC again….

Grab your balls  and mosey to the field below. YHC seen soccer goals on the far end of the field and decided to make straight for them. But alas! As soon as we arrived we were ambushed! Sprinkler heads seemingly popped up everywhere around us. Next field please….

Back to back with partner- hand ball to left, right, left, right (made me dizzy)

Now, time to team up!! This is where everyone looked real confused. After a few rule/game explanations we were up and running….literally.


Split into two teams on the field (4 on 4)

Team 1 – Sack Draggers

Team 2 –  DixonBahls

Soccer in the dark 2

Objective, score as many goals as possible! NO GOALIE

Penalty for being scored on= 3 burpees (whole team)

Reward for Scoring = 10 merkins (whole team)

WHEN YOU HEAR A SINGLE WHISTLE IMMEDIATELY STOP WHERE YOU ARE AND DO THE CALLED EXERCISE x 15. The whistle blows at completely random and mostly inopportune times. First person to finish the set can jump up and go after the ball. Better go fast, you don’t want the other team to score!!!

Merkins at random whistle blow

LBCs at random whistle blow

Squats at random whistle blow


Final Score: Sack Draggers 3, Dixonbahls 0

It’s okay fellas, next time you may be able to pull out early and get the W!!

YHC believes he heard Wedgie say, “I’m in shape, but not in shape for this!”. For which YHC responded with, “Round is a shape!”

Once arriving back at the cars, put the balls back into the shaggin’ wagon….wait, what is that? Does YHC happen to have a load of bricks in the van?!?! It’s like Christmas in October!!!

This is when Mr. Chinstrap thought it would be fun to heckle the Q about the size of his bricks. Don’t worry, they’ll be heavy soon enough my friend. I promise.

Put up the balls and grab a pair of bricks!!!

Curls for the girls x a lot

Tricep extension x 20 IC

Over head raises x 20 IC

Tricep extension x 20 IC

Then, an old favorite of mine, the Merkin-go-round. Everyone plank, 1 pax does 3 Merkins and it goes around the circle until we’ve all done our last one.

Shut it down!!

That’s all folks. It was a lot of fun to lead the PAX into the misty darkness knowing they had no idea what was in store. But from what YHC read and the chatter YHC heard, we had a blast. I love this group of guys and the fun, witty, smart-ass comments. My kind of group!! 

Until Next time fellas!!



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