• When: 10/30/14
  • QIC: JJ
  • The PAX: Mayhem, Elmers, Kiffin, Dunphy, Lego, Muggy Tape, Barney, Ken Doll, Purple Haze, Nail Pop, Scotch, Grave Digger, Sawdust, Turnbuckle, Field Goal, Scooper, Meatball, Quest, Knozit, Buzzsaw, Bearded Lady, Slumlord, Hot Spot, GED, Meltdown, Half Empty, Peachy, JJ


JJ is a Shawshank regular, one of our finest. He posts regularly for Stridelite. Massive improvement in JJ. He #gotbetter in a hurry. Today, JJ finally stepped up to lead 28 fine men of Shawshank for a burpee-filled ciabatta sandwich. It was an awesome VQ. Dare I say, it was DYN-O-MITE!

Conditions: 55 degrees, clear

The Thang:


Mosey to soccer field

• SSH x10IC
• Burpee x10 OYO
• Thru the tunnel x10IC
• Burpee x9 OYO
• Windmill x10IC
• Burpee x8 OYO
• Little Baby Arm Circ F x10IC
• Burpee x7 OYO
• LBAC Back x10IC
• Burpee x6 OYO
• LBC x10IC
• Burpee x5 OYO
• Imerial Walker x10IC
• Burpee x4 OYO
• Squats x10IC
• Burpee x3 OYO
• OH Claps x10IC
• Burpee x2 OYO
• Heel Touches x10IC
• Burpee x1 OYO

Gonna need you to improve your burpee form, JJ. Arms raised higher please.

jj burpee

Mosey around path to small soccer field where the little kiddos play

Tabata Variation
• Cone 1 set approx. 20 yards, Cone 2 set 10 yards
• 8 groups (RUN AS TEAM)
• Group 1 says GO, runs to cone 1. Remaining groups start exercise on word GO. When G1 gets back to start they say STOP and exercising groups rest. G1 runs down and back to cone 2 then says GO. G2 starts running to cone 1 and all remaining groups continue exercise.
o Round 1 Squats
o Round 2 Merkins
o Round 3 Smurf Jacks
o Round 4 Big boy sit ups
o Round 5 Plank Jacks
o Round 6 Jump Lunges
o Round 7 Flutter Kicks
o Round 8 Mt Climbers

Mosey to shed


-One of the best VQs YHC has seen. Creative, well thought-out beatdown with clear direction and strong counting. Tclaps JJ!
-3 pax posted for a pre-bootcamp Stridelite – 6 pax posted for pre-bootcamo Rucklite
-Excellent mumblechatter from the pax this AM. Fun morning. It was:
good times
-Anyone know what Grave Digger was doing over there? Glad he arose from the fartsack but he was still sleeping.

-New Core AO launched today at Crypt location, 5:15. If you can’t run or don’t like to run, this is a great option. Schedule is TTH 5:15, Sat 6:15
-GoRuck is 11/21. 3 spots left.
-F3 Lexington Christmas party is 12/19 at CCL
-Palmetto 200 teams are forming
-Don’t register for MudRun on their site. Wait until F3 send out MudRun registration info.
-Go Run 5K on Feb 20
-Lexington Race Against Hunger 10K Feb 28

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