• When: 12/05/15
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Turnbuckle, freon, FDIC, scooper, quisenberry, bla bla, hoser, permit, peter, garmin, pepto

It’s steeper than it looks!

One of the best things lately is the rising numbers at Stride again. It warms YHC’s heart to see the Pax supporting the running group and really building their stamina up for the other F3 opportunities. That being said, modifications are perfectly acceptable. Out and backs, interval training, loops, or skipping down the sidewalks of downtown Lexington are all acceptable. Sometimes we all need just a little 2nd F. YHC always felt better after spending a few minutes each morning with the fellow striders when YHC was on the DL. Even hiking with a weight vest was better than fart/smartsacking.

Conditions: 51F, dark, and cloudy

Opening Prayer

The Thang:
The plan for main run. Leave out of the court house and take a left onto North Lake Drive. Follow the right sidewalk of North Lake Drive then veer to the right onto 378. It’s time to return to the old routes of the original stride location. Head down 378 towards the dreaded Old Cherokee Drive. Carefully, take a left onto Old Cherokee Road and stay on the left sidewalk going down, down, down the hill towards North Lake Drive. You guessed it, we’ve got to get back to the old court house one way or the other. It’s time to take a left, up the tiny North Lake Drive Hill. Once at the top, turn right and return to the courthouse, or for some extra distance head down Columbia Avenue to Main Street and take a left, and then head back to the courthouse.

BOM/Closing Prayer
Christmas party 12/19
Pray for the guys doing Lexington half marathon & 5k tomorrow
Continue to EH guys back to Stride

Continue to keep the Phillips in your prayers.  Walker is still going through a journey.

Exodus 20:17. The Tenth and Final Commandment but certainly not the least. Thou Shalt Not Covet. How often are we guilty of this? Unfortunately, we all too frequently try to keep up with the Jones’. Somehow the American dream of working hard and doing a good job has morphed over the generations to work hard, make a lot of money, and buy a lot of toys. Be careful out there. Remember where your blessings come from. Remember what’s important. Always remember that everything we do requires a sacrifice. Make sure you don’t sacrifice your family, yourself, and most importantly your relationship with God for things that don’t truly matter.

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