• When: 11/04/14
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Fire Daddy, Money Penny, Creole, Kwik Way, Ugly Stik (FNG-Scott Neal), Trebek, Escobar, Rafter, Buuud, Neck Brace, Light Bill, Hall Pass, Flux, Zamboni, Holy Water, Stirrups, Howler, Dirt Bag, Moonshine, Smithers, Toothpick.

It’s ‘Bout To Get Real

21 PAX rolled into the chilly gloom at Speedtrap this morning for a little GoRuck training courtesy of Toothpick. During the COP they were quickly greeted with YHC’s squeaky pre-pubescent voice that came from last Saturday’s SnowRuck training on the Lake Murray Dam. I’m glad I could provide some entertainment as I feebly attempted to count cadence! With GoRuck only 17 days away, things are about to get REAL..! YHC tried to simulate some of the “suck” that awaits the PAX on November 21st.

Conditions: 35 degrees with 100% chance of carrying something heavy.

The Thang:



SSH x 25 IC

Through the Tunnel x 25 IC (with claps-new Speedtrap favorite?!)

Windmills x 25 IC

Little Arm Circles x 20 IC then reverse x 20 IC

Those with Rucks-Ruck Up! Those without go get yourself a heavy cinder block.

Ruck Crew-pair up & grab a big ‘ol piece of cold rebar from Light Bill’s truck. (YHC estimates these bad boys weigh at least 80 lbs)

Carry rebar to lower baseball field and lock out overhead waiting on block crew. Once block crew arrives, drop rebar and prepare for suck…

Lunge + 100 merkin ladder: lunge (those w/ blocks hold them-those w/ rucks…well, you know what to do) halfway across width of outfield-once there drop for 20 merkins…repeat lunge & merkins back/forth until 100 merkins are complete.

Plank waiting on the 6…

Bear crawl back to starting point (half width of outfield). Rinse/repeat.

Drop onto your back and hold rucks/blocks over your face (don’t drop them) and hold 6 inches for 1 minute. Continue to hold 6 inches and execute 20 ruck/block presses. Recover and ruck up.

Partner up for wheelbarrow walks back to middle of outfield. Flip/flop.

Return to starting line and get into 4 man groups. YHC chose 1 memeber of each team to be “wounded.” Three remaining teammates carry your wounded back to middle of outfield. Repeat until all PAX have been carried.

Plank shoulder to shoulder and enjoy some Tunnel of Love. With 21 PAX this was a real #crowdpleaser.

Block crew return blocks…Ruck crew return rebar, return to shovel flag and lock out rucks overhead waiting on block crew.

Freedom Twists x 30 IC-YHC

Front/back/go x 2 minutes-Creole


-GoRuck is in 17 days! Things are about to get REAL! We are ready. Begin to prepare yourself mentally to embrace the suck and work as a team. No one can “win” the GoRuck…but you can lose it! Final GoRuck sim is this Friday 11/8 at the Statehouse-BOM at 8:30.

-Palmetto 200-Mungo is taking names for alternates. we still need volunteers. Please sign up to volunteer-there will be some great 2nd F opportunities.

-#Kotters to Stirrups & Zamboni.

-Governor’s Cup is 11/08-good luck to the PAX running!

-Prayers for Sparky-injured his hammy in Colorado.

-Remember the two sick children who play sports at Crooked Creek. There will be a charity baseball tournament at Crooked Creek this weekend to benefit them.

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