• When: 2019-10-01
  • QIC: Jazz Hands
  • The PAX: Jazz hands, skunky, mib, knot, uncle rico, clarice, slate, smithers, webber, hokie pokie, lap dog, lemon, milk man

I’m too sexy for my pants

14 pax…plus the methane from lapdog is a +1 gathered to admire my poor choice in workout attire and admire my amazing counting skills.

Warm up: (couldn’t count but we did them)between the tunnel, wind mill (couldn’t count but we did them)

Da exercise: q sac to each door of SHHS and do that # of mountain climbers, iron crosses, curls and as well as a minute of wall sits. Good fun was had by all and the mumble chatter was consistent and lead by the likes of Uncle Rico and Webber except for the fact that I blazed through each door to pull ahead to avoid said mumble chatter. Doesn’t hurt if you don’t hear it, am I right?


Nothing that isn’t in Slates BB (the perks of posting a late BB)