• When: 10/11/14
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: FNG Trey Hope (Bunkbed), FNG Ryan Woodard (Moolah), FNG TJ Daley (Happy Feet), FNG Web Lyons (Landslide), Thumbs Up, Blah Blah, Tarzan, Pack, Breakfast Club, Floppy Disk, Good Hands, Bluecreen, Garmin

I think there was a pattern…

14 pax posted for a run around the AO, attempted brick game, and possibly a pattern of some sort. Also, 4 FNGs so the rest of the pax could flex our creative muscles.



start jogging
stop jogging
25 x SSH
20 x little arm circles
15 x merkins
10 x squat jumps OYO

start jogging
stop jogging
25 x squats

start jogging
stop jogging
40 x toe taps

start jogging
stop jogging
55 x plank jacks

start jogging
stop jogging
alternating lunges over the bridge
start jogging
stop jogging
70 x flutter kicks

jog up to field of dreams
try some brick game for a few minutes then give up

25 x shoulder presses

40 x curls for girls

25 x flutter kicks while holding bricks

40 x crunches

25 x russian twist

hold 6 inches until time expires


FNG Naming-
Ryan Woodard–> wrestled in high school –> Moolah (female wrestler)
Trey Hope –> Moolah’s roommate –> Bunkbed
TJ Daley –> some long well thought out reason…also he tap dances –> Happy Feet
Web Lyons –> something about dirt cop –> landslide


Palmetto 200 taking HCs
Governor’s Cup in less than a month
Another race, forget what it’s called. In Lexington. 5k and a Half


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