• When: 11/25/14
  • QIC: Tuff Guy
  • The PAX: Rambling Wreck, Columbo, Ginger, Garmin, Kipper, Tuff Guy

I don’t just listen to rap…I AMRAP!

Conditions: 63 degrees and drizzling

The Thang:

Welcome and disclaimer

Mosey towards school from Howard Park. Stop at gate and form a line across road.

chickens crossing road

Stay with Q and do not pass him.
High knees for 25 yards
Butt kicks for 25 yards
Face soccer field.
Side lunge x 10
Face woods and repeat.
Karaoke for 30 yards.
Face opposite side and repeat.

Mosey to parking lot beside school.

circle up

SSH x 10
Imperial walkers x 10
TTT x 11(Q forgot how to count)
Windmills x 10
Little arm circles x 10 (each direction)

Mosey to covered sidewalk for AMRAP instructions.


25 SSH
20 Dips on bench
15 Merkins (any variation)
10 Split lunges
5 Burpees
1 lap around parking lot.

Rinse and repeat for 25 minutes.

Stay on sidewalk for Mary
Dealers choice by each Pax
1) LBC’s x 15
2) Hello Dolly x 15
3) Hold on to bench for Iron Cross x 12
4) Russian twist x 20
5) Ray Charles x 25
6) Dying Cockroach x we don’t know. We were dying.


Mosey back to parking lot at ball field.

Christmas party December 19th?
We will have a workout on Thanksgiving day.
There will be some type of convergence this Saturday. Ginger will advise as soon as more info is available.

Prayer requests:

Ginger was pleased to announce that his mothers tests came back negative. Thanks for the prayers.
Napalms father in law passed away. Prayers for safe travels and their family.

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